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10 Mouthwatering Salami Shops You Need to Visit Now!

It is no secret that beef is a delicious and versatile ingredient to make various meat products and dishes.

Beef salami is one of the popular products using beef as the main ingredient.

And if you have never tried this kind of beef sausage, it’s time for you to figure out what exactly beef salami is and where to buy it.

Now let’s get started!

What is beef salami?

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There are many types of salami like turkey salami, pork salami, veal salami, or even goose salami, but beef is one of the more popular ones.

Beef salami is a type of cured sausage that originated in Italy.

It’s typically made from ground beef (both lean and fat), garlic, salt, white pepper, various herbs, vinegar, and wine.

The main difference between it and other sausages is the spices used to flavor it.

Salami also needs to be fermented and hung up to cure before it can be eaten.

Beef salami has a pink to reddish color and specialized marbled appearance.

It is typically used as an ingredient in other recipes rather than being served as an individual dish.

Beef salami is great for sandwich filler, pizza topping, or added to salad and pasta sauces.

It is safe to consume beef salami despite the fact that it is uncooked, but the curing process makes it edible without any further cooking method.

But if you have kids and the elderly, or anyone who has a sensitive tummy, it is best to cook beef salami before enjoying it.

How many calories are in beef salami?

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Beef salami is pretty high in calories.

You will get about 74 calories per one ounce of beef salami or about nearly 300 calories per 100 grams.

So it is better to enjoy a few slices of beef salami per serving size.

For your information, to burn off 70 calories, you will need to walk for 20 minutes, or run for seven minutes, or ride a bicycle in 10 minutes.

How to choose the best beef salami?

Choosing beef salami is similar to choosing any kind of sausage.

If you give the selection process better care, the result is gonna be worth it.

Here are some tips to pick the best beef salami from many kinds of sausages.

1.   Buy beef salami that is made from grass-fed or pasture-raised beef

We all know that organic beef tastes better and is also sold at a higher price, therefore, if you can afford it, buy beef salami that is made from this kind of high-quality beef.

You will be surprised by how it tastes different from the regular type that is made from factory beef.

2.   Make sure the package is in good condition

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Don’t forget to give the package a check because the quality of the package can partially tell you about the quality of the content inside.

The package of beef salami should be clearly printed, dry, and tightly sealed.

You should also read all the information on the package before making the purchase to make sure that the salami hasn’t expired.

3.   Give the beef salami a taste before using it for cooking

Before adding beef salami to your dish, you better taste it to make sure there is nothing wrong with it.

Especially when you change from one familiar brand to another, giving it a taste beforehand will help you determine if its flavor meets your taste buds or not.

Where to buy beef salami?

Beef salami is widely sold on the market.

Therefore, no matter where you live, you can easily buy some to make the best pizza or Mac & Cheese whenever you crave these dishes.

The following places are the most typical places to find the best beef salami.

1.   Local butcher

The main good in a local butcher is fresh cuts of different kinds of meat, but they also sell some meat products, including beef salami despite the small quantity.

So if you don’t want to go too far to buy beef salami except for going to a local butcher shop, you better hurry out before it is out of stock.

2.   Grocery store or supermarket

The second place where you can find beef salami available is in the grocery store or supermarket.

This ingredient is sold from a small meat store to a large chain supermarket like Costco or Walmart.

So don’t worry if you cannot find a big supermarket in your area, try heading to a local grocery store.

3   Online

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Amazon, eBay, or many online shopping platforms have beef salami on their stands.

With a few clicks, you can order some packages of beef salami and store them at home so that you will never run out of this ingredient if unexpected guests drop by.


So if you want to try something new besides the regular roasted or corned beef, the beef salami is what we highly recommend.

You can enjoy the freshness and natural sweetness of the raw meat in every single bite.

The good news is you can easily buy beef salami from most grocery stores or supermarkets across the country.

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