Where To Buy Beef Kidney Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

If you are a fan of cattle’s organs, beef kidney is an ingredient that shouldn’t be overlooked.

This inexpensive cut will definitely refresh your family’s menu, which is usually packed with other proteins like meat or eggs.

In this article, you will learn more about beef kidney with some tips to choose the best one.

Moreover, we will also guide you to the best places to purchase beef kidneys that are good quality.

What are beef kidneys?

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A beef kidney is an offal of a cow besides other common organs like heart, liver, or intestines.

One ox will have two kidneys, which are relatively larger compared to the pork counterpart.

Beef kidneys have a dark red color and a rough texture.

The reason why some people don’t prefer cattle kidneys, including beef kidneys, is that they smell of urine.

Like humans, this animal uses kidneys to filter toxins out of the blood and to excrete, that’s why it has the smell of urine.

However, this can be eliminated by a proper way of preparing and cooking.

When being cooked, beef kidneys have a nice texture which is different from the sandy mouth-feel of a cattle’s liver.

Beef kidney is one of the key ingredients to make steak and kidney pie.

Eating dishes made from beef kidneys will provide you with essential nutrients that your body needs, such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, iron, and zinc.

There has been a conception in Asian cuisine that beef kidneys can benefit your kidneys, so there is no harm in consuming it at all.

How many calories are in beef kidneys?

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Beef kidneys are a rich source of key essentials, even more than muscle meat.

However, they are low in calories, which makes them perfect for those who don’t want to keep their weights in line.

On average, a serving size of raw beef kidneys (about 1 oz) will provide 29 calories, in which seven calories from fat.

How to choose the best beef kidneys?

The selecting process of beef kidneys should not be overlooked.

Otherwise, there is a high chance that you buy the low-quality beef kidneys.

Here are some factors that you need to look at to choose the best beef kidneys for your next meal.

1. Select kidneys that are firm to touch, without any bruising or discoloration

If pork kidneys are likely to be brown, the beef counterparts are more reddish.

You should purchase beef kidneys that are bright in color and don’t look dull.

Moreover, stay away from the ones with bruises or discoloration on the surface or inside.

When you touch the beef kidneys, it would be between firm and soft, like liver.

This can identify that these kidneys are of high quality.

2. Check for a uniform shape and size with no ruptured areas

If possible, look for a beef kidney with a uniform shape and medium size.

Although this factor doesn’t relate to the quality of the kidney meat, it helps you create an eye-catching and attractive dish that uses the whole kidney.

3. Avoid frozen kidneys with freeze burn

It is not always that you can buy beef kidneys from the cow that has just been slaughtered.

You have to opt for the frozen version sometimes.

However, when choosing frozen kidneys, avoid those with freeze burn because it can tell you that these beef kidneys have been stored improperly, or even freeze more than once, which will affect their quality.

Where to buy beef kidney?

Beef kidneys can be found in some places that are listed below:

1. Butcher shops

At the butcher shops, you can buy fresh beef kidneys and can even ask the butcher to remove the membrane layer outside the kidneys and also trim out any excess fat that you don’t want to use for cooking.

Additionally, the price of most meat cuts at a butcher shop is usually lower than other places.

2. Grocery stores or supermarkets

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You can also purchase beef kidneys at grocery stores or supermarkets throughout the country, in the meat section.

The quality of beef kidneys seems to be better here because of the higher standard input.

However, the price is also a little higher at the same time.

Some grocery stores and supermarkets also offer the online shopping method, which allows you to order right in your house.


Beef kidneys are inexpensive, delicious, and healthy.

They’re a great way to add variety to your family’s diet and will most likely be enjoyed by all members.

To ensure you get the best quality beef kidney, it is important that you know what features are indicative of high-quality beef kidneys before purchasing them from any store or restaurant.

The best beef kidney is usually found in a butcher’s shop, but if you don’t have one nearby, you can purchase from online shops.

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