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7 Deliciously Savory Secrets: Where to Find the Best Beef Demi-Glace for Your Next Meal!

There are many types of sauces out there, but one that one of you might not have heard of is beef demi glace.

This intensely rich sauce will be perfect for elevating your dish.

If you have no idea about what it is or where to buy the best beef demi glace, this article will help you out.

What is beef demi glace?

Savory Choice Beef Demi Glace Reduction Sauce Packet 75gr (pack of 3)

Demi-glace is a rich, thick sauce that many French chefs use as the base for other sauces.

It is traditionally made from reduced veal, beef, and bone marrow gravy with flavoring ingredients like wine, onions, carrots, and celery.

The components are simmered to reduce the liquid content by half or more, creating a thick, dark brown sauce with a rich flavor.

Demi-glace originated in France as part of classic French cuisine, but has been adopted into other cuisines such as Italian, Japanese, and the United States with some twists on the recipes.

It is often used to top meats and vegetables for extra flavor.

The word demi glace literally translates to “half glaze”, referring to its thickness compared to regular sauces that are usually called simply “sauce”.

This deliciously flavorful sauce can be prepared at home from scratch, or you can opt for another convenient option, which is the processed store-bought beef demi glace.

How many calories are in beef demi glace?

The amount of calories in your homemade or store-bought beef demi glace can vary depending on the ratios of ingredients used in the recipe.

This might be changed every time you make the sauce, and different brands also offer different proportions of the elements.

However, on average, a tablespoon of beef demi glace has about 40 to 50 calories.

 And you will need a couple of spoons per serving, so it will be about 200 calories in one serving of beef demi glace.

How to choose the best beef demi glace?

Making your own beef demi glace is great, but we have to admit that it takes a lot of time.

Thanks to the development of processed food, now you can easily buy the pre-made sauce from the grocery store to ease the work of making the homemade version.

Here is the simple but crucial buying guide that will help you choose the best beef demi glace from the convenient store.

1. The can or package should be tightly sealed with no damage

Not only beef demi glace but also any canned food should be in good condition when being sold.

Beef demi glace is usually sold in a plastic package with a lid to cover the content.

So just make sure you will carefully check if there is a dent or leak on the package of this concentrated sauce before bringing it home.

Don’t forget to check the expiration date as well to make sure it is safe to consume.

2. The smell and taste should be right balance of sweetness and acidity

In case you have a good-conditioned package of beef demi glace on hand, the next step is to check its smell and taste.

Of course, this factor can only be tested if you already bought one because you cannot unseal the box if you haven’t paid for it yet.

It should smell good and fragrant, and when you give it a taste, what lingers in your tongue should be perfectly balanced and the taste of beef.

That is what a good sauce tastes like.

If it has a ridiculous sour taste and smell, you better say goodbye to that brand in the future.

3. The texture should be a nice velvety consistency with good viscosity

Another thing you should check after opening the package is the texture of the sauce.

Beef demi glace, as its name, should be velvety and viscous.

Too thick or too watery sauce is not good at all to serve with your food.

However, if there is nothing wrong with the two other factors, you can adjust and fix the consistency of the glaze by simmering it to concentrate or adding a bit of stock or water to thin the sauce.

Where to buy beef demi glace?

Now you know how to choose the best beef demi glace.

But do you know where to buy these products? Take a look at these two options:

1. Grocery stores

Most grocery stores and big supermarkets like Walmart, Costco, or Whole Foods sell beef demi glaces in the seasonings or canned goods section.

If you live in a remote neighborhood and it is hard to reach those big supermarkets, look for the second option below.

2. Online (Amazon, Wholefoods, … )

Savory Choice Beef Demi Glace Reduction Sauce Packet 75gr (pack of 3)

The good news is now you can stay at home and order beef demi glace online.

Amazon, eBay, or any supermarkets that sell their goods online will be the best choice if you are lazy or don’t have time to go out shopping.

Remember to read the reviews from other customers who have bought there to buy the best sauce.


Beef demi glace is a rich flavored and versatile sauce that will make any of your fancy dishes even more delicious.

If you’re looking to buy beef demi glace online, make sure it comes from an established supplier with a long history in the food industry and excellent reviews.

That way you know there are no artificial or unhealthy ingredients used in their sauces.

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