Are You Confused About Turkey Vs. Chicken Breasts? We’re Here To Help!

turkey breast vs chicken breast

The holidays are around the corner and people are going nuts trying to figure out what they should buy for their families.

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Turkey breast and chicken breast are both great sources of protein, but do they have any differences, and which one will work better for you?

This article will help guide you through this tough decision so that you can make an educated decision on which protein is best for your family during the upcoming festive times.

Let’s get started!

What is turkey breast?

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Turkey breast is a popular cut from the upper chest of a turkey.

It has less fat and calories than dark meats, but it still provides protein and essential nutrients like iron.

Turkey breast can be prepared in many ways quickly and easily, such as roasted, grilled, smoked, or cooked as part of a casserole dish.

For those who are looking to cut down on their calorie intake for the day, turkey breast is an excellent option.

Due to this fact, turkey breast is more expensive per pound than a whole turkey.

Turkey breast that is sold on the market can come in different types, including fresh or frozen, raw or cooked, skin-on or skinless, bone-in or boneless.

What is chicken breast?

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Chicken breast is a popular cut that comes from the upper part of the bird’s chest.

They are mainly made up of muscle and a bit of fat.

Therefore, chicken breast is considered the healthiest part of the chicken because it is low in fat and cholesterol.

One chicken will have one large breast, but normally, the chicken breast cut is divided into two equal halves.

It is usually breadcrumbed and deep-fried until the crust is crispy while the inside is juicy.

You can also bake or grill a chicken breast and serve with any kind of sauce, such as BBQ sauce.

Since the chicken breast is white meat and low in fat, it has a relatively bland taste.

Therefore, the taste of your chicken breast dish will strongly rely on the seasoning and sauce it is cooked with.

Make sure to marinate the breast cut long enough before cooking it so that all the flavor can penetrate into the chicken meat.

What are the differences between turkey breast vs chicken breast?

Turkey and chicken are both poultry, but they are two different kinds of species.

Therefore, the breast cut from these two types of poultry also differ in many ways, as listed in the following comparison table: 

 Turkey breastChicken breast
Size and LocationLarger, come from the upper chest of the turkeySmaller, come from the upper chest of the chicken
FlavorMore intenseMilder
Nutritional contentLow in fat, calories, and high in iron and proteinLow in fat (but higher than turkey breast), high in protein and potassium, magnesium
PriceExpensiveExpensive than other chicken cuts, but less expensive than a turkey breast

What are the similarities between turkey breast vs chicken breast?

Turkey breast and chicken breast also share some similarities that will be broken into pieces in this section:

1.    Turkey breast and chicken breast are rich sources of lean protein

We all know that breast cut is the leanest and tenderest cut of any animal, including turkey and chicken.

Turkey breast and chicken breast are both low in fat and high in protein.

These ingredients are perfect to add to gym people’s or athletes’ diets because they help build muscle, keep their weight in line, and reduce the fat content.

2.    They can be cooked in numerous ways

As already mentioned, turkey breast and chicken breast can be cooked in numerous ways.

There is no limitation to create a new recipe from either of these cuts.

You can bake, grill, deep-fry, roast, shred to make salad or sandwich filling, etc,…

3.    Chicken breast and turkey breast can be used interchangeably sometimes

Chicken breast can substitute for turkey in some cases, and vice versa.

However, if you are a person with a delicate palate, you can ignore this option.

The reason is turkey has a more intense flavor although it basically tastes like chicken.

But this stronger flavor might not satisfy a picky eater who is looking for the lighter taste from chicken.

For a majority of people, it is fine to use turkey breast and chicken breast interchangeably.

Which one is better?

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In conclusion, turkey breast and chicken breast are both delicious and healthy to consume.

All their differences are generally negligible.

Therefore, choosing which protein between turkey breast and chicken breast for your next meal will just come down to personal preference.

It is best to consider their availability, freshness, and prices in your local supermarket to make the wisest choice.

Good luck!