Tomato Soup Vs Tomato Bisque: The Soup That Beats The Soup

Tomato bisque and tomato soup both taste divine with a grilled cheese sandwich, but what are the differences in preparation and ingredients?

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Do they differ at all?

What’s the best way to make them?

And which is better: tomato soup or tomato bisque (or maybe they’re both just great)?

Let’s dive in.

What’s special about tomato bisque?

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Tomato soup is not a “soup” in the sense that it’s served in a bowl.

It’s more of a sauce, since it doesn’t have any broth or liquid added to it.

Instead of being served hot, tomato soup is usually made with a roux (or bechamel), which helps thicken it up and give it body.

The basic ingredients for tomato bisque include tomatoes, cream, butter and onions—the latter two giving the soup its characteristic rich flavor and texture whether you’re using fresh or canned tomatoes to make your tomato bisque base.

While some people like their tomato soup on the sweeter side (with sugar added), traditional recipes call for white pepper instead—to enhance the natural flavors without making them overwhelming.

What’s special about tomato soup?

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If you’re looking for something filling, tomato soup is not the way to go.

Tomato bisque, on the other hand, can be more filling because of its creaminess and high fat content.

However, if you want a light meal or snack and don’t mind being hungry after you eat it then tomato soup is definitely the way to go.

Tomato soup is usually served warm or hot with bread or crackers as an appetizer before dinner begins; however many recipes call for garnishing with croutons made from stale bread!

Tomato soup vs tomato bisque: The similarities

Tomato soup and tomato bisque are both made of tomatoes, so they’re similar in that respect.

But their similarities stop there.

Tomato bisque is a creamier, thicker version of the regular tomato soup you know and love.

The consistency of both dishes is pretty smooth—you don’t get any large chunks like you would with something like chili or meatball soup.

Both recipes are served hot and can be scooped up with a spoon (or eaten on its own).

They’re also generally served with some sort of crusty bread for dipping in the creamy goodness!

Crackers work well too!

Of course, if you want to get fancy…croutons are an option too!

As far as garnishes go: crumbled bacon tops my list!

But really anything goes here!

You could even add cheese or herbs if you wanted to change things up a bit

Tomato soup vs tomato bisque: The differences

Tomato soup and tomato bisque are both equally delicious ways to enjoy tomatoes, but they are two different things.

To make tomato soup, you start with tomatoes and add some other flavors like onion, garlic or basil.

Tomato bisque is a little more complex; it requires more ingredients including flour and cream.

The result is a thick creamy sauce that’s perfect for serving over pasta or potatoes.

If you want your soup on the thicker side but don’t want to add any flour, try preparing a quick uncooked tomato sauce instead!

This option will taste great if you’re having guests over for dinner too since it can be made well in advance then reheated just before serving time comes around.”

Can you substitute tomato bisque for tomato soup?

No, you cannot substitute tomato bisque for tomato soup.

Tomato bisque is a thicker and creamier variation of the classic tomato soup, which uses a lot more liquid than the bisque.

Tomato soup is also not considered a stew because it’s made from tomatoes and other ingredients that don’t require much cooking time.

While both are great on their own, it’s best to keep these two dishes separate if you want to get the most out of your meal preparation experience.

Which one is better: tomato soup or tomato bisque?

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The answer depends on what you’re hoping to buy and eat.

Let’s start with tomato soup.

Tomato soup is a very thin and light soup made from tomatoes, usually with water or some other liquid added.

Tomato bisque is thicker than tomato soup, but not quite as thick as many soups that are considered chunky (such as chicken noodle).

The main difference between the two recipes is that tomato bisque doesn’t include cream—it’s just tomatoes and some seasoning cooked together in broth until they’re soft enough to blend in a blender or food processor.

You can add just about any herb or spice to this recipe if you want your tomato bisque to have more flavor; it’s up to your personal taste!

Some people like their tomato bisques spicy while others prefer sweeter versions made with sugar and honey.”


There are some major differences between the two.

Tomato bisque needs to be made with whole, ripe tomatoes and fresh thyme and basil.

You can’t make tomato bisque with canned, chopped or processed tomato products as you would a traditional tomato soup.

With that said, it’s important to note that while they are different types of soups and they use different ingredients, both types of soup use tomatoes as their base ingredient.

That’s why you might find recipes for both tomato soup and tomato bisque in your local grocery store today!