4 Delicious Side Dishes For Spinach Stuffed Chicken That Will Make You Feel Like A Chef

spinach stuffed chicken side dish

Wondering what to serve with spinach stuffed chicken? Well, you’re in luck! This post will provide a few ideas that are easy to make and delicious.

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Whether you want a side dish that’s light and healthy, or something more indulgent, there’s sure to be a suggestion here that fits your needs.

So read on for some great pairing ideas!

What is spinach stuffed chicken?

One of the most popular dishes that is seen in many restaurants and homes is spinach stuffed chicken.

This dish combines two things that people love, spinach and chicken.

It’s a nutritious meal because it has protein from the chicken as well as vitamins A, C, K, iron and calcium which are all found in spinach.

The ingredients are simple: cooked chicken breast, fresh spinach, feta cheese, onions, garlic cloves and olive oil.

The only cooking required is baking the stuffed breasts in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit or until juices run clear.

And if you’re really feeling adventurous with your meal plan, tonight feel free to add some roasted potatoes on the side too!

What to consider when choosing a spinach stuffed chicken’s side dish?

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just making a dish for your family, it’s important to choose the right-side dish to accompany your spinach stuffed chicken.

Here are four things to avoid when making your decision.

1. Don’t get a side dish that tastes too similar to the chicken

Avoid choosing a side dish that’s too similar to your spinach stuffed chicken.

For example, if you’re having spicy breasts and shocked veggies as opposed to just being served over rice with some spices on top then this might not work out so well because people will likely want something they know how tastes like instead of exploring new flavorsome dishes!

2. Avoid getting mashed potatoes for your side dish if you’re not a fan of them

The best way to avoid getting mashed potatoes as your side dish would be going with something else.

If you don’t like them, then by all means stay away from the creamy tuber and go for more of an option that will have less carbohydrates in it such as brown or green beans instead!

3. Don’t get white rice – it’s too bland and doesn’t taste good with spinach stuffed chicken

The best side dishes are the ones you get in tandem with your meal.

When choosing a spinach stuffed chicken‘s accompaniment, don’t settle on white rice – instead try some flavored pastas like whole wheat penne or rigatoni that will bring out it flavor further!

4. Get something green like broccoli or asparagus for your side dish

To choose a perfect side dish for your spinach stuffed chicken, you should get something green like broccoli or asparagus.

These will help make sure that the meal has all of its nutrients and vitamins!

4 best side dishes to serve with spinach stuffed chicken

The spinach stuffed chicken is a delicious dish with rich, savory flavors and succulent textures.

You may be wondering what to serve as an accompaniment to it! There are many options for side dishes that will go well with your meal.

Here we list some of our favorites: 

1. Oven roasted potatoes

Birds Eye Oven Roasters Sweet Potatoes, Carrots & Red Potatoes, Keto...

Spinach stuffed chicken is a great dish to serve with oven roasted potatoes.

This entree has an earthy flavor and pairs well with many side dishes, like broccoli bullion soup or sauteed green beans covered in butter sauce for instance!

2. Mashed potatoes – Creamed spinach

Amazon Kitchen, Mashed Potatoes, 16 oz

A side of mashed potatoes and creamed spinach is always a hit at any dinner party.

The combination offers an excellent balance between flavors, textures (creamy vs bitty), colors – what’s not to love?

3. Green beans or peas (fresh or frozen)

365 by Whole Foods Market, Trimmed Green Beans, 12 oz

The best side dishes to serve with spinach stuffed chicken are green beans or peas.

You can either have them fresh, frozen and microwaved for about 1 minute on average until they’re heated through (defrosted), boiled in salted water then drained but not cooked; there is also the option of using canned version if you don’t feel like going through all that trouble!

4. Baked sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes, 3 lb

One of the best side dishes to serve with spinach stuffed chicken is baked sweet potatoes.

Not only do they add a delicious flavor, but their natural sugars make them ideal for pairing up any dish that needs some extra sweetness


This post has provided a few easy-to-make and delicious suggestions for what to serve with spinach stuffed chicken.

Whether you want something light and healthy or indulgent, there’s sure to be an option here that fits your needs.

Hopefully, this article was helpful in helping you decide on the perfect side dish!