Side Pork Vs Bacon: What’s The Difference?

There are a lot of blogs that talk about bacon, and how delicious it is.

But what if you want to throw some side pork into the mix? Is there really much difference between the two kinds of processed meat? You might think not at first glance, but it can actually be tricky to tell.

After reading this article, you will have your answer to this question, and can also be able to choose one that you think better suits you.

What is side pork?

Side pork, also known as “lean bacon”, comes from the part of a pig above its belly.

It contains both meat, fat, and bone.

Once de-boned, trimmed down to get rid of any excess fat or bone from the short ribs and back meat area above a pig’s belly (hence “side”), it is soaked up with salt for preservation purposes.

It may then either be braised into sausages like bacon would typically be used – this will make them more flavorful while keeping their texture; alternatively they could also be smoked so that side pork becomes crispier but still soft enough to chew on easily without being tough on your teeth when you bite through one piece.

In English-speaking countries, thin slices are referred to as “bacon” because it tastes salty and savory, similar to bacon in flavor.

What is bacon?

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Bacon is a type of preserved pork.

It’s made from thin strips of meat that are cured with salt, sug