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Deliciously Tangy Side Dish for Chili Lime Chicken: Try Our Irresistible Recipe

Chili lime chicken has many things to make our taste buds happy.

This family’s favorite is delicious, but it will be even more special when served with the right side dish.

So what works perfectly with chili lime chicken?

Let’s find some ideas in this article!

What is chili lime chicken?

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Chili lime chicken, as the name suggests, is a dish of chicken that is cooked with a marinade containing chili powder, lime juice, and other spices and herbs like honey, fresh lime zest, cilantro, jalapeno, garlic, and olive oil.

Any cut of chicken can work in this recipe, from chicken breast to chicken wings or chicken thighs.

But they should be skin-on and boneless for the best result.

The chicken is grilled until the skin is crispy and golden while the meat is fully cooked, juicy, and tender.

Chili lime chicken is often served as the main course with other sides around it.

What to consider when choosing a chili lime chicken’s side dish?

Although there are a variety of side dishes for you to choose from when it comes to chili lime chicken, there are some that will work better than others.

So what to keep in mind when choosing a side dish for your chili lime chicken?

Chili lime chicken can be served with a grain or vegetable side dish

You can serve chili lime chicken with either a grain or a vegetable side dish rather than a meat-based dish.

A grain-based side will be more filling, while a vegetable accompaniment is more nutritious and lighter for your stomach.

Consider combining different ingredients in one recipe to create a vibrant look

It is great if you can combine different ingredients in one recipe so that the resulting dish will be more flavorful and have a vibrant look.

We all have the habit of eating with eyes first, so an eye-catching dish will definitely attract your guests to try out your food at first sight.

6 best side dishes to serve with chili lime chicken

Are you wondering what exact side dishes should be served with your chili lime chicken?

The following recipes will be best to elevate your chicken entree:

1.     Fried rice

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Fried rice is our first suggestion if you want something flavorful and filling at the same time.

Fried rice is a classic dish in many Asian cuisines.

It is made by frying steamed rice with other chopped vegetables and soy sauce to result in a flavorful, colorful, and hearty dish that will help fill your empty stomach.

2.     Corn on the cob

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The second choice to serving with chili lime chicken is corn on the cob, also known as Mexican street corn.

Corn on the cob is also made by grilling the whole corn, so you can have these two dishes cooked on the same grill to reduce the cooking time.

The buttery and sweet taste of this accompaniment will be a perfect addition to the savory and spicy chicken.

3.     Roasted potatoes

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Roasted potatoes are another great side dish to pair with your chili lime chicken.

This recipe often calls for regular potatoes, but sweet potatoes can also work.

The starchy texture of this dish can give you a good mouthfeel and keep you fuller.

4.     Greek salad

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For those who are looking for a lighter side dish to offset the savory taste of chili lime chicken, Greek salad is the way to go.

This vibrant and healthy salad will not only be a delicious but very nutritious addition to your entree. 

5.     Steamed green beans

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Steamed green beans can be another suggestion if you are looking for a good side dish to accompany your chili lime chicken.

This dish is quick and easy to make, and you will have an eye-catching and nutritious side dish to provide vitamins and minerals to your body, as well as help offset the savory taste of chili lime chicken.

6.     Pineapple salsa

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This Mexican-style side dish with a twist on the ingredient will be a really great companion to your chili lime chicken.

Pineapple salsa is made with fresh pineapple, red bell pepper, red onion, jalapeno, lime juice, and herbs like cilantro.

The vibrant presentation of this dish can make you want to take a bite at first sight.

The bottom line

Next time making chili lime chicken, don’t forget to try out our aforementioned side dish ideas so that your hearty and delicious meal will surely satisfy the whole family.

If you still wonder what works best with chili lime chicken, we highly recommend trying all the six side dishes above in turn and you can have your answer.

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