Sesame Chicken Vs Orange Chicken: What’s The Difference?

sesame chicken vs orange chicken

If you are a foodie, and love to cook at home or try out different restaurants all the time, then we have some good news for you!

You can now make your favorite Chinese dishes right from home.

The key ingredient is sesame oil which goes well with any dish that has an Asian flair.

This blog post will compare the two most popular chicken dishes found in Chinese cuisine: Sesame Chicken vs Orange Chicken.

What is special about sesame chicken?

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Sesame chicken is a dish that has an interesting history.

It is not often found in Chinese cuisine, but it is more popular in Japanese and American cuisines.

Traditionally, sesame seeds are used on the outside of the deep-fried breading for a nutty flavor, but other spices may also be mixed into the crust like cumin, paprika, garlic powder or ginger.

This recipe is great for anyone who loves Asian cuisine and wants something quick and delicious!

What is special about orange chicken?

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Orange chicken is a popular dish found in many Chinese restaurants.

Orange chicken is made from fried pieces of white meat, battered and deep-fried to create a crispy shell with an orange-flavored sauce on the inside.

The frying process creates that sought after crispy outer layer that has been dipped in an orange-flavor sauce.

This signature taste sets it apart from other dishes and gives it its unique flavor!

What are the differences between sesame chicken vs orange chicken?

This blog post will explore what makes these two dishes so different from one another to help you decide if orange or sesame chicken is your better bet.

 CompareSesame chickenOrange chicken
TextureSesame chicken has a crunchy textureThe orange chicken is soft and tender
Nutritional valueSesame chicken contains less calories per serving than orange chicken (240 vs 290) due to its lower fat content (7% vs 10%)Orange chicken contains more calories and fat per serving than sesame chicken
Cooking methodSesame chicken is traditionally fried Sesame chicken is usually made with dark meat and served over steamed rice– Orange chicken is typically baked – Orange chicken can be made from either white or dark meat
Serving– Sesame chickens are served with vegetables such as green beans, peas, spinach, and cabbage – The sauce for sesame chicken can be either sweet or spicy– Orange chickens usually come with broccoli and carrots – Orange chicken only comes in one flavor  
PriceSesame chicken is cheaper than orange chickenOrange chicken will be more expensive because it’s higher quality

What are the similarities between sesame chicken vs orange chicken?

It’s no secret that fried sesame chicken vs orange chicken are a favorite among many people.

The blog post will discuss the similarities between them.

1. Both sesame chicken and orange chicken are stir-fried dishes

Both sesame chicken and orange chicken are stir-fried dishes.

Sesame Chicken is usually breaded before being deep fried with a sweet sauce, while Orange Chicken is battered or coated in starch (usually cornstarch) then fried to crispy perfection.

Both Chinese favorites may be served as an entrée at your favorite restaurant or can also be made on the stove top for quick cooking time when you’re short on time!

2. Both have crispy breading on top that tastes delicious with rice or noodles

Sesame chicken and orange Chicken are two of the most popular Chinese dishes in America.

They both have a crispy breading that tastes delicious with rice or noodles, but there is one key difference: sesame has more flavor than Orange.

Which one is better?

It is hard to say which one tastes better because they are both delicious.

The orange chicken has a sourer taste than the sesame chicken and this may be why some people prefer it over the other flavor.

Both of these flavors have their own qualities that make them good for different reasons so try them out and see what you think!