7 Side Dishes You Should Try To Complement Mexican Chicken

mexican chicken side dish

Mexican cuisine has always been an attractive topic, and chicken is one of the staples in this food culture.

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But what can you serve with Mexican chicken?

Don’t wait any longer!

Read on and grab some ideas on what to pair with your next Mexican-style chicken.

What is Mexican chicken?

Mexican chicken refers to any chicken dish in Mexican cuisine.

It can be Mexican lime chicken, Mexican chicken soup, Mexican chicken chili, or Mexican chicken tamales.

These recipes have two things in common: using chicken as the main ingredient that is cooked with various Mexican spices or other stapled ingredients like tomato sauce, onion, garlic, pepper, cheese, or lime.

Mexican chicken is packed with flavor thanks to the use of a variety of seasonings from this Latin cuisine.

What to consider when choosing a Mexican chicken’s side dish?

When it comes to chicken, Mexicans know how to do it right.

And with the number of delicious sides you can choose from, it can be hard to pick just one or some of the best recipes.

So, what things to keep in mind to make sure that your Mexican chicken is perfect on the side of other dishes?

Here are some key factors:

Choose a side dish for Mexican chicken based on the flavor profile and texture of the main course

As already mentioned, Mexican chicken can be any dish that is made from chicken and is cooked in a Mexican style.

Therefore, when choosing a good side dish to accompany your Mexican side dish, you need to rely on the texture and flavor profile of the main dish.

For example, a soup or saucy chicken dish is perfect to pair with a starchy side like rice, bread, or tortillas because they can easily soak up the sauce.

Meanwhile, a grilled or roasted chicken recipe is better when served with a vegetable side with a tangy and refreshing taste.

Mexican chicken is best to be served with a Mexican side dish

A Mexican main dish goes perfectly with another Mexican side.

So the tip is to serve your Mexican chicken with a Mexican-origin accompaniment.

Some staples from Mexican cuisine are corn, beans, rice, tomatoes, and avocado to name a few.

These ingredients can create numerous side dishes that pair well with your Mexican chicken in different ways.

7 best side dishes to serve with the Mexican chicken

Here are the seven side dishes that are perfect to serve with Mexican chicken:

1.     Corn tortillas

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Corn tortillas can be considered a signature dish of Mexican cuisine.

If you have shredded slow-cooked chicken, it is best to serve it with soft corn tortillas and other chopped veggies to have a hearty chicken taco to enjoy at any time of the day.

2.     Mexican rice

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If you have a saucy Mexican chicken dish, it is best to serve it with Mexican rice.

This side dish has a vibrant red color from tomato sauce and a flavorful taste from a variety of spices used in the recipe.

It doesn’t look dull and boring like the regular steamed white rice, and the taste won’t disappoint you either.

3.     Corn on the cob

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Corn is a good ingredient to pair with a meat-based dish.

And corn on the cob is what every Mexican should know.

This Mexican street corn recipe is easy to make by grilling the whole corn that is coated with melted butter and spices.

The buttery and flavorful taste from other ingredients with the naturally sweet flavor of corn makes this dish very delicious while still being healthy.

4.     Guacamole

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Another Mexican staple that is often served as an accompaniment for a meat-based dish is guacamole.

Guacamole is made from ripe avocado with other spices to create a vibrant and delicious dipping sauce.

This dish often appears with some crispy tortilla chips, and along with a Mexican chicken dish, you can have a hearty meal that is packed with flavor and texture in no time.

5.     Salsa

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You can serve your Mexican dish with salsa, a classic Mexican sauce that is often made from tomatoes, red onion, garlic, lime juice, with other Mexican spices and herbs.

Salsa can be served raw or cooked, and its sweet and tangy taste can literally make your chicken dish taste more balanced and satisfying.

6.     Black beans

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Black beans are another starchy dish that is commonly eaten in Mexican cuisine.

This side dish comes with a tender texture and an earthy but sweet taste that can easily balance the savory taste of any chicken dish.

Moreover, black beans are packed with a rich source of protein and many essential nutrients that are beneficial to our health.

7.     Salad

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Last but not least, salads can be a simple way to make your Mexican chicken taste better, no matter how it is cooked.

There are a variety of types of salads for you to choose from, such as green salad, potato salad, fruit salad, or quinoa salad.

Just make sure to opt for a suitable recipe that can complement your Mexican chicken dish.

The bottom line

As you can see, you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to choosing a side dish for your Mexican chicken.

The key is to choose a suitable Mexican companion depending on the flavor profile of the main dish because Mexican chicken can refer to any chicken recipe that is cooked with Mexican ingredients in a Mexican style.

After trying these recipes, we would like to hear from you which one is best to serve with Mexican chicken.