Ground Beef Smells Like Bread: Is Ground Beef That Smells Like Bread Safe To Consume?

ground beef smells like bread

Although the smell of bread is not really unpleasant like a sulfur or chlorine odor in ground beef, it still affects the quality of the dish to some extent.

If you have ever had ground beef that smells like bread, this article is for you.

Keep reading and figure out what makes your ground beef smell or taste like bread and how to get rid of it.

Why does my ground beef smell like bread?

There are two main reasons that can explain why your ground beef smells like bread.

Let’s see if your ground beef has a bread-like smell, which of the following reasons is true in your case:

Adding too many breadcrumbs

It is common to add breadcrumbs to ground beef.

The reason is that breadcrumbs are a great way to make your burger or meatloaf juicier.

They absorb all the natural juices of the meat while cooking and then release and moisten the meat when it is done cooking and rests.

Breadcrumbs also add a bit of crunchiness to the texture of your ground beef.

However, if you accidentally add too many breadcrumbs to your ground beef, a lot more than what the recipe calls for, it will make your ground beef smell and even taste like bread.

It is just because there are too many breadcrumbs so their flavor overwhelms the taste of the meat.

Ground beef has been spoiled

If your ground beef has an unpleasant bread and funky smell, chances are it is already spoiled.

Besides checking the smell of the meat, also look for other signs of spoilage in your ground beef, like discoloration or a bad texture before deciding to toss it away.

Is it safe to eat ground beef that smells like bread?

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Normally, if your ground beef smells like bread, you cannot say for sure if it is safe to eat or not just based on its smell.

Therefore, check for other signs of spoilage to make sure it needs to be discarded or can be safe to consume.

If you have fresh ground beef and there is only a slight bread scent in your ground beef recipe because you add too many breadcrumbs, it is totally safe to eat.

But if you consume spoiled ground beef, you might get sick or have a foodborne illness.

How to get rid of the bread flavor from ground beef?

As already mentioned, although the bread-like flavor is not that bad, it is an unwanted scent in a ground meat recipe as people prefer the natural flavor of beef.

So how to get rid of the bread smell in your ground beef?

Take a look at the following methods:

Add the breadcrumbs little by little to the mixture of ground beef

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Breadcrumbs can be a good addition to your ground beef.

However, to make sure that you won’t add too many breadcrumbs to your beef patties or meatloaf and end up with a strong bread flavor, just add it little by little.

Use a spoon to grab breadcrumbs instead of pouring the whole package into your ground beef.

Select a good package of fresh ground meat to get rid of spoiled meat

In case the cause of the bread smell in your ground beef is bacteria spoilage, you should learn a lesson and choose a better package the next time you go shopping.

So ensure the beef is purchased from a reputable butcher shop or grocery store.

Avoid buying ground beef that has expired or has any sign of spoilage like mold, discoloration, or a slimy texture.

Store the beef properly

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The way you store ground beef can also affect the flavor of the meat.

If you don’t use ground beef right away, always keep it at a cool temperature, like in a fridge or even in a freezer to lengthen its shelf life and ensure its freshness.

Also, make sure your ground beef package is tightly sealed so that it won’t absorb flavor from the surrounding foods like bread or yeast in your fridge or freezer.

The bottom line

With a little bit of knowledge and some helpful tips, you will be able to get rid of that bread-like odor in your ground beef.

It is worth the effort to take a careful selection to buy fresh and high-quality ground beef from the beginning.

But if you, unfortunately, buy or make your ground beef smell like bread, don’t panic, just figure out the causes of this scent and then find the proper method to take the bread smell away among our aforementioned suggestions.

Thanks for reading!

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