Frozen Chicken Smells Like Eggs: Is The Eggy Smell In Your Frozen Chicken A Sign Of Spoilage?

frozen chicken smells like egg

Chicken is a staple in a variety of recipes, therefore, it is often stored in many kitchens so that they can have the best dish from this ingredient whenever they want.

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Frozen chicken works well in most cases if it is stored properly.

However, somehow it smells like eggs in some situations, and you might wonder what causes this unpleasant odor in your chicken.

This article will provide you with some useful information about why your frozen chicken smells like eggs and how to avoid this scent in your frozen chicken.

Why does my frozen chicken smell like eggs?

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Some people think that their frozen chicken smells like eggs is just a coincidence but after some research, there are several abilities that might be the reasons for this unwanted scent in your frozen meat.

Here are two typical reasons that explain why your frozen chicken has a smell like eggs, or even rotten eggs in some worse cases:

Spoiled blood

If your chicken has been slaughtered in an improper way that makes the blood spoiled, and you store it in the freezer without thoroughly washing it, chances are your frozen chicken will smell like eggs.

Spoiled blood doesn’t have an unpleasant smell, and its flavor also affects the meat.

After being stored in the freezer for a while, this scent even makes your chicken smell worse, like rotten eggs.

Chicken is stored improperly

The second chance that explains the eggy smell in your frozen chicken is an improper way of freezing.

The way you store the chicken in the freezer can affect the quality, especially the flavor of the meat.

For example, the package of chicken isn’t covered fully and tightly, and it is placed next to a somewhat dish that contains eggs.

In other cases, the bacteria called Salmonella can be created while the storing process and release a gas that smells like rotten eggs

Is it safe to eat frozen chicken that smells like eggs?

Normally, if you notice something weird in your frozen chicken, it is better to take a closer look at the chicken before deciding to cook it or not.

If your chicken comes with a pungent eggy smell and one of the other signs of spoilage like a slimy texture or discoloration, it should be discarded because this means the chicken is spoiled and not safe to eat.

In case the eggy smell gradually disappears when thawed and the chicken looks normal without any weird identification, it is probably safe to eat. 

How to get rid of the eggy smell from frozen chicken?

Buying chicken in bulk and freezing it for later use is an economical way.

However, sometimes, it doesn’t end up as you expected.

Your frozen chicken smells like rotten eggs and you are wondering how to take this odor away from your chicken or how to get rid of it from the beginning.

So here are our suggestions:

Store the chicken properly

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To make sure that your frozen chicken smells and tastes like fresh chicken, you need to store it in the freezer properly.

This means the chicken should be stored in an airtight container and labeled with the freezing date.

If you have a good package of chicken, just toss it in the freezer right away to use in the future.

But if you have a dirty chicken that needs to be washed before storing, then wash it with pure water and pat dry before keeping it in the freezer.

Rinse off the chicken with salted water or vinegar before cooking

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The second thing you can do to ease or remove the eggy smell from your frozen chicken is to rinse it.

Don’t just use plain water, try with a solution of water and salt or vinegar.

Salt and vinegar are known as two kitchen staples with many uses.

They are inexpensive, available, and can help remove the bad odors from different kinds of foods without being harmful to our health.

After washing your thawed chicken, dry it with a towel, and if there is no further eggy smell, it is ready to be cooked in your recipe

The bottom line

Whether you are using frozen or fresh chicken, it is always good to know what causes the unpleasant odor, such as the eggy smell.

That being said, if your concern is that your frozen chicken smells like eggs, then there could be many reasons for this occurrence, especially how the chicken is slaughtered and stored.

One way of dealing with this problem may involve storing the frozen meat on a different shelf and in an airtight container.