Discover 6 Expert-recommended Cornstarch Substitutes For Baking

Discover 6 Expert-recommended Cornstarch Substitutes For Baking

We all have cornstarch in our kitchens and may not think twice about using it. However, cornstarch has a lot of health benefits, such as its ability to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

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It’s also great for thickening sauces, gravies, and puddings without adding flavor (unlike other thickeners). But what if you don’t have cornstarch on hand? You can use one of these substitutes instead:

Arrowroot powder

Discover 6 Expert-recommended Cornstarch Substitutes For Baking

Arrowroot is another starch that acts as a thickening agent in baking recipes. This fine powder comes from the roots of a tropical plant and is used in many gluten-free recipes because it thickens without adding gluten. It’s also great at absorbing moisture, which makes it excellent for sauces or gravies that need to be thickened quickly before they get too runny.

However, it doesn’t make your food gummy and rubbery. When prepared correctly, it can give you a desirable result. You will need one tablespoon of cornstarch and two tablespoons of arrowroot powder to use this alternative.

Tapioca starch (aka cassava starch)

Discover 6 Expert-recommended Cornstarch Substitutes For Baking

Tapioca starch is a popular substitute for cornstarch, and it’s made from cassava root. It’s also gluten-free and has a neutral taste.

Tapioca starch is not as thick as cornstarch, so you may need to add more if trying to thicken something like gravy or sauce. It’s more expensive than cornstarch (but less expensive than other options).

Potato starch

Discover 6 Expert-recommended Cornstarch Substitutes For Baking

Potato starch has been a thickener since at least 1846–long before cornstarch became popular in America! Potato starch is a great substitute for cornstarch, as it gives you a similar consistency. It also has a neutral taste and is gluten-free.

Like arrowroot powder and tapioca/cassava starch below, potato starch isn’t broken down by heat as quickly, so you’ll need to add it when your food is nearly done cooking rather than right off the bat like with regular flour or cornstarch-based thickeners

If you don’t have potato starch, you can grind up potatoes to get the same effect. You will need 2 tablespoons of potato starch for every tablespoon of cornstarch.

Rice flour

Discover 6 Expert-recommended Cornstarch Substitutes For Baking

Rice flour is a great option for those looking for a gluten-free cornstarch substitute. This is because it’s made from grinding rice grains into flour – naturally gluten-free!

This flour has a low glycemic index (GI) rating, so people on diets that limit their intake of sugar and carbohydrates can enjoy baked goods made with this flour without worrying about blood sugar spikes later in the day! Rice flour also contains vitamin B6 and magnesium, which are essential for maintaining healthy skin and hair.

To use this as a thickener, mix equal parts of rice flour with water before adding it to the baking mix. This option may make your baked goods more gummy than usual. For this reason, consider using more water than the recipe calls for to balance out the texture of your treat!

Flaxseed meal

Discover 6 Expert-recommended Cornstarch Substitutes For Baking

Flaxseed meal is an excellent alternative to cornstarch. It has the same thickening power and can be used in place of cornstarch in baking. Flaxseed meal is also high in fiber, which can help you feel fuller for longer.

A Flaxseed meal works well as an egg substitute, too! If you’re vegan or allergic to eggs, this makes it easier to enjoy classic treats like pancakes or waffles without having to worry about what they contain!

Use eggs because eggs are made of starch and protein

Discover 6 Expert-recommended Cornstarch Substitutes For Baking

Eggs, you say? Eggs are made of protein and starch–so they can be used as a substitute for cornstarch. One egg replaces one tablespoon of cornstarch in baking recipes.

For example, if you want to make your pie crust or brownies with all-purpose flour (which contains about 10% protein), replace every 1/4 cup of all-purpose flour with three tablespoons whole wheat pastry flour and two large eggs (or four extra large).

Cornstarch is an excellent thickener for desserts, sauces, and gravies, but many other good options exist. We’ve covered the best alternative ingredients for cornstarch in baking and cooking.

So there you have it! If you want to avoid using this particular starch, plenty of other options will give you similar results without any negative effects on your health or waistline (like eggs).