5 Side Dishes That You Should Serve With Your Next Chimichurri Chicken

chimichurri chicken side dish

If you are looking for a new dish to serve this weekend, consider chimichurri chicken.

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The flavors of the typical South American sauce when combined with chicken make it perfect to serve with different kinds of side dishes.

Keep reading to know more about chimichurri chicken and what accompaniments go best with this dish.

What is chimichurri chicken?

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Chimichurri chicken is a delicious way to have a hearty meal that will leave you feeling satisfied.

In this recipe, the fresh herbs and parsley are mixed with olive oil for a rich sauce that blends well with the garlic and onion.

The name of this dish comes from the chimichurri sauce, a kind of uncooked sauce with its name deriving from the Basque word “tximitxurri”, meaning a mixture of several things without any order.

This sauce is widely used in South American cooking, especially in Uruguay or Argentina.

Chimichurri chicken, therefore, has a nice char and smoky flavor from grilled chicken and a herbaceous flavor from the marinating sauce.

It is great to serve with rice or potatoes but feel free to experiment by adding more vegetables like squash or zucchini, or any other side dish that you find proper and can elevate the flavor of the main dish.

What to consider when choosing a chimichurri chicken’s side dish?

Chimichurri chicken is so good, but you will need something to go with it.

If you are wondering how to know if your chimichurri chicken goes well with what kind of accompaniment, the following tips will help:

A vegetable-based dish is great to serve alongside chimichurri chicken

Although the chimichurri chicken already contains little veggies on its marinate, it is still a great choice to serve this dish with another vegetable companion.

It would be better to pair your chicken with other colorful vegetables besides just leafy greens so that you can achieve a more beautiful presentation.

Don’t forget to season your vegetables before cooking to avoid getting a bland dish.

A side dish shouldn’t contain too many herbs because chicken chimichurri is already herbal

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a side dish for chicken chimichurri is to look for a dish that doesn’t contain a lot of herbs.

Since the chicken in the chimichurri recipe is marinated and grilled with a herbal sauce and it has a strong herbal taste, the side dish should be something sweeter or milder to offset the herbal taste instead of containing a lot more herbs.

5 best side dishes to serve with chimichurri chicken

Now, it’s time to take a look at the five best side dishes to serve with chimichurri chicken:

1.     Rice

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Chimichurri chicken is a savory dish that is great to serve with a bowl of rice on the side.

You can either opt for plain steamed rice or fried rice for a more colorful and flavorful side dish.

Both work well with chimichurri chicken and can fill your empty stomach without breaking your budget.

2.     Salads

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Another good side dish for chimichurri chicken is salads.

Salads can be made from different kinds of vegetables and fruits.

When pairing with chimichurri chicken, your salads shouldn’t only contain with only leafy greens, but other kinds of vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, apples, avocado, or onion to make it look more colorful and taste flavorful.

3.      Baked beans

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The third option from us to serve with your chimichurri chicken is baked beans.

Beans should be baked until the texture is tender and it delivers a sweet and earthy flavor.

You can even opt for store-bought baked beans that are already cooked and ready to be served right from the can.

4.     Grilled vegetables

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For those who are looking for a healthier side dish to accompany your chimichurri chicken, grilled vegetables will be ideal.

Grilling vegetables take less time to cook while the natural flavor of the veggies is kept inside them.

It is never bad to have a lot of vegetables in your meal as you can get sufficient essential vitamins and minerals from them.

5.     Sandwiches

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Some people even like to serve their chimichurri chicken with sandwiches.

There are different kinds of sandwiches for you to choose from with different recipes for the filling.

It is best to combine several textures (soft and crunchy) and flavors (sweet, sour, a bit tangy) in your sandwiches to complement your meal.

The bottom line

Chimichurri chicken is a famous and delicious dish in many South American countries.

The distinct flavor of this dish makes it perfect to both serve alone or pair with other side dishes.

Keep in mind our tips and the five aforementioned side dishes so you will always have the best meal with chimichurri chicken to enjoy with your loved ones.