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Discover the Best Potato for Creamy Mashed Potatoes and Elevate Your Culinary Skills

Hey everyone,

Are you looking for the best potato for creamy mashed potato?

Look no further! I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect potato for creamy mashed potato, and I think I’ve finally found it.

So, what is the best potato for creamy mashed potato?

Well, that’s a question that’s been on my mind for quite some time now.

1. Maris Piper

Maris Piper is the best potato for creamy mashed potato.

This is because it has the highest starch content of all the varieties, which makes it extra creamy.

Maris Piper is also quite a floury potato, which means that it breaks down really well when it’s cooked, making it perfect for mashing.

It’s also quite a moist potato, which means that you don’t need to add as much milk or butter to the mash to make it creamy.

Some people prefer to use other varieties of potatoes for mashed potato.

Yukon Gold potatoes are also good for creamy mashed potato because they have a high starch content, but they’re not as floury as Maris Piper.

King Edward potatoes are also popular for mashed potato because they’re very floury, but they don’t have as high a starch content as Maris Piper.

2. King Edward

King Edward potatoes are the best potatoes for creamy mashed potato.

They are the ultimate potato variety for achieving the perfect creamy mash texture.

King Edwards are also the most versatile and reliable potato variety for other uses, such as roasting, chipping, and baking.

They are available in most major grocery stores and are usually available year-round.

When preparing King Edwards for mashed potato, it is important to peel and chop them into even chunks before cooking.

This will ensure that they cook evenly and are easy to mash.

Once cooked, drain them thoroughly and let them sit for a few minutes before mashing.

King Edward potatoes are also great for making French fries, as they have the perfect amount of starch and moisture content to form the perfect crispy fries.

They are also delicious when roasted in the oven or cooked on a grill.

3. Desiree

Desiree is a type of potato that is well-suited for making creamy mashed potatoes.

It has a high starch content and a low moisture content, which makes it ideal for this purpose.

Additionally, it has a rich, creamy flavor that makes it a popular choice for mashed potatoes.

One downside of using Desiree potatoes for mashed potatoes is that they can be rather expensive, especially if you are buying them in a grocery store.

If you do choose to use Desirable potatoes, you may want to consider purchasing them in bulk from a wholesale supplier or maybe even growing your own.


You’ve got to make the most of your spuds and turn them into something delicious.

4.axy is a variety of potato that is particularly well-suited for the preparation of creamy mashed potatoes.

Its texture is smooth and buttery, making it perfect for mashing.

Its flavor is also quite rich and earthy, which gives a delicious depth of flavor to the resulting mash.

4.axy potatoes are also quite versatile, as they can be used to make a wide variety of other dishes, such as hash browns, french fries, and even latkes.

They are also a good choice for making potato salad, as their texture holds up well when chilled.

Overall, 4.axy potatoes are a great choice for anyone who loves mashed potatoes.

They offer a delicious flavor and texture that is perfect for mashing, and their versatility means that they can be used to make a wide variety of other dishes as well.

5. Romano

1. Romano is a type of potato that is well-suited for making creamy mashed potatoes.

It has a high starch content and a low moisture content, which makes it ideal for mashing.

Romano potatoes are also quite large, so you’ll need to cut them into smaller pieces before mashing them.

2. If you’re looking for the ultimate in creamy mashed potatoes, you’ll want to use a potato ricer.

This tool is designed to create the fluffiest mashed potatoes possible, as it breaks up the cooked potato flesh into tiny pieces.

You can also use a masher or a fork to mash your potatoes, but a ricer will give you the best results.

Key Points

The final entry on our list is the Desiree potato.

While it didn’t make the top 2, it’s still a great choice for veggie mashies.

originated in the Netherlands, hence its name, which means “desire” in Dutch.

Desiree potatoes are also a great choice for mashing because of their natural creaminess.

They also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, such as B6, potassium, and copper.

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