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10 Tasty Beef Cuts You Need to Know for the Perfect BBQ

BBQ is a classic party for any occasion.

A barbecue cannot be completed without some cuts of beef.

But if you have no idea what kind of beef goes best in your BBQ party, we are here to help.

Read on to find out the best beef cuts for BBQ and some tips that can help you shop for this meaty ingredient without any fuss.

How to choose beef for BBQ?

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Have you ever wondered what kind of beef you should put on your grill?

There are different cuts of beef with slight differences in their flavor profiles and fat content.

However, you should keep your eyes on the following factors that can apply to any kind or cut of beef to choose the best beef for BBQ:

1.    Most steak cuts can work for BBQ

In general, you can choose among different steak cuts of beef for BBQ.

The reason is that a steak cut often comes with a sufficient amount of marbling fat that can help moisten the meat and make it juicier when served.

Normally, a steak cut of beef has a moderately tender texture, not too tough or too tender.

It takes advantage of the barbecuing method because the lid of the grill is off while cooking and your beef cut will be cooked by the surrounding heat.

2.    Buy a whole cut of beef or ground beef per your preference

A BBQ can work with both a whole steak cut or ground beef.

Therefore, depending on your personal preference, you can choose to buy a whole cut of beef to grill, or grind/finely chop it to make grilled ground beef for burgers.

If you don’t have time, just grab some packages of fresh ground beef from your local butcher shop or grocery store for your BBQ party.

3.    Your beef should be marinated before grilling for BBQ

When you have a good cut of beef on hand, don’t forget to marinate it before grilling.

The perfect marinade for BBQ is the BBQ sauce, either a homemade or store-bought sauce can work too.

You can also give your beef cut occasional baste while grilling to keep the meat juicy and flavorful.

Best beef for BBQ

Now, let’s figure out what cuts of beef are best for BBQ:

1.    Tenderloin steak

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A tenderloin steak is great for a BBQ party.

It is cut from the center of the loin section and is the leanest and most tender cut of beef.

A tenderloin steak will take a few minutes to be cooked on the grill to medium-rare.

The resulting dish will be juicy, flavorful, and can melt in your mouth.

However, this cut is also more expensive than the average beef cut so not everyone can afford it.

2.    T-bone steak

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The T-bone steak has the appearance as the name implies.

There is a T-shaped bone that separates the tenderloin from the sirloin.

It is sometimes referred to as a Porterhouse.

It is recommended to cook a T-bone steak to medium-rare so that it retains tenderness and juiciness.

3.    Flat iron steak

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Flat iron steak is an ideal cut for BBQ.

It has a tender texture and is well-marbled to result in a flavorful taste on the grill.

This cut also makes an excellent addition when making tacos or sandwiches because it can be easily shredded.

4.    Ribeye steak

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A ribeye steak is another good cut for BBQ.

It is a meaty cut from the rib section of the cow.

Ribeye steak is well-marbled and prized for its flavorful taste.

A ribeye steak is also very tender and when properly cooked, it can melt in your mouth.

However, a ribeye steak is one of the most expensive cuts of beef, so make sure that you can afford this cut before buying it.

5.    Chuck eye steak

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A more economical cut compared to a ribeye steak is a chuck eye steak.

This meaty cut is taken from the chuck area of the cattle, so it has a tough texture that will be tenderized in a slow-cooking method.

When barbecuing a chuck eye steak on the grill with the lid off, the chuck eye steak will be cooked by the heat surrounding it and become more tender.

6.    Ground beef

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As already mentioned, a BBQ party can contain both the whole cut of beef or ground beef.

So you can also buy fresh pre-ground beef in case you don’t have time to prepare meat for a BBQ.

If you want to make your own ground beef, a chuck roast is a good choice with some additional fat trims to make your beef patties juicier and more flavorful.

The bottom line

If you are planning to host a BBQ party, it’s time to grill up some of the best cuts of beef that we have mentioned above.

From a more affordable cut like chuck eye steak or ground beef to a more expensive and desirable cut like tenderloin or ribeye steak, you have many options to choose from.

You can serve different cuts of beef at your BBQ party so that you and your guests will have more options and can tell which cut works best.

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