Beef Tastes Like Manure: Is It Okay For Beef To Taste Like Manure?

beef tastes like manure

Have you ever wondered what makes beef taste like manure sometimes?

It is not a very common issue, but it is not rare either.

Many people have complained that their beef smells and tastes so bad, like manure.

So what causes this flavor and how to get rid of it?

Let’s figure it out in this article.

Why does my beef taste like manure?

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Nobody wants their beef to taste like manure.

But it happens sometimes, if your beef has encountered one of the following situations:

Grass-fed beef is likely to have a stronger taste than regular beef

If your beef comes with that “bad smell or taste”, but with a subtle tone and no other signs of spoilage, then chances are you have bought grass-fed beef.

Grass-fed beef is likely to produce a stronger taste than regular beef.

They are raised without the cage on the grass, so they smell like grass and manure.

Some people prefer the gamier or manure-like taste in beef because it is not that strong and gives this kind of beef a special taste, while many others don’t like it.

Your beef cut has been spoiled

The second reason for the manure taste in your beef is that it has been spoiled.

Spoiled beef delivers an off taste, which can be anything among sour, rancid, rotten, manure, or sulfur.

Another thing that can help you determine if your beef is spoiled or not besides just the unpleasant smell is its appearance.

Spoiled beef often comes with at least a couple of bad signs rather than just tasting bad.

It has a weird texture, like mushy or sticky, and discoloration too.

The beef isn’t stored properly and is dirty

If you buy beef from an unclear origin and it tastes like manure when cooked, chances are these beef cuts haven’t been stored properly.

The beef can be anywhere on the ground where there is a lot of trashes and fertilizer, making beef taste terrible, and even contaminated.

If it is not washed and rinsed carefully and completely before cooking, the resulting dish can taste like manure.

Is it safe to eat beef that tastes like manure?

It depends on the reasons that cause the manure taste in your beef.

For example, if the manure-like taste is not that strong but actually comes from the gamey taste of grass-fed beef, then it is fine to consume your dish.

Grass-fed beef is even a healthier and more nutritious substitute for regular beef.

However, if your beef comes with other signs of spoilage, you better discard it to avoid getting foodborne illnesses.

How to get rid of the manure taste in beef?

Below are the three simple ways that can help you get rid of the manure-like taste in your beef.

Check it out and find your best one:

Buy fresh beef from a reputable butcher shop

The first and easiest way to get rid of any bad smell or taste, such as manure, in your beef is to purchase the high-quality cut from the beginning.

So where can you look for the best cut of beef?

Just head to a reputable butcher shop in your area or other places.

Ask for this information from your friends or relatives, especially those who work in this industry.

Soak beef in milk before cooking

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You can also soak your beef in milk several hours before cooking to get rid of any bad odor or taste in this cut.

There is no need to rinse the beef again after taking it out from the bath of milk.

Normally, washing meat before cooking is not necessary because you can even spread bacteria to all the surfaces of the meat and other ingredients or things.

But if there is a bad smell or dirty spots in your beef, you can try soaking it in milk.

Add other pungent spices to mask the unpleasant taste of your beef dish (in case it is not spoiled)

Lastly, you can mask this unpleasant smell or taste by adding more spices.

Opt for one or several pungent spices or herbs because beef works well with different condiments.

This can make your dish more flavorful and reduce the manure taste in the beef.

Watch out to not make your dish too salty and pungent.

The bottom line

So now you know that the manure taste in your beef, along with other signs in the cut, can tell you if it is safe to consume or not.

It is not always bad, but definitely not an appealing thing.

So make sure to check your beef cut carefully before buying and cooking it.

Hopefully, with our post, you will never experience beef that tastes like manure anymore.

See you around in our other useful articles!

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