Beef Smells Like Alcohol: Is It Okay For Beef To Smell Like Alcohol?

beef smells like alcohol

Many people might wonder why their beef smells like alcohol, and there are some reasons for it.

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If you have encountered this situation and just want to learn to get rid of this odor in your next beef dish, this article is for you.

We will unravel all related wonders about this topic.

Let’s get started!

Why does my beef smell like alcohol?

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The alcohol smell in your beef can come in different levels, from slight to pungent.

Sometimes, it smells like vinegar, a fermented smell.

So do you wonder what causes this smell?

Here are some reasons:

Add too much cooking wine to your beef dish

If the recipe calls for a cooking wine like rice wine or red wine, chances are it can make your beef smell like alcohol if you just use too much.

Although wine can easily evaporate during cooking, if you use too much, the alcohol smell can still linger on your dish and make it hard to eat, especially for children.

Bacterial fermentation

Another reason that can cause the alcohol smell in your beef is bacterial fermentation.

Since the way to make vinegar or wine is similar, you can smell the fermented odor in your beef dish sometimes.

It is more common to see this happen in minced or ground beef rather than a whole cut of beef.

Bacteria live on the surface and since there are more surfaces in ground beef, it will support the development of bacterial fermentation and produce an acetic acid smell which is similar to alcohol.

Is it safe to eat beef that smells like alcohol?

The alcohol smell in your beef is not always bad.

Therefore, the exact answer to this question is dependable.

If your beef comes with other signs of spoilage besides an alcohol smell, then it is not safe to cook or consume that beef.

But if it is just because you accidentally add too much wine than what the recipe calls for and there is no problem with your beef cut, then it will be fine to keep enjoying your dish.

How to get rid of the alcohol smell from beef?

Since there are several reasons for the alcohol smell in your beef, there are also different ways and tips that can help you get rid of this odor or at least, ease the smell so that it is great enough to eat.

So here are some most common and easiest ways to help you handle this problem:

You should buy the whole beef cut and make your own ground beef if necessary

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As already mentioned, the alcohol smell often comes from ground beef rather than the whole cut of beef because there are more surfaces for bacteria to grow and develop in ground beef.

Therefore, to get rid of this odor from your ground beef, it is best to opt for a whole cut of fresh beef.

If your recipe calls for ground beef, just grind it yourself to ensure the freshness of the meat.

Watch out when using wine when cooking

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In case the alcohol flavor comes from the wine that you have used too much than what the recipe calls for, you can be more careful the next time.

Just make sure to follow the recipe and add the wine a little by little to not accidentally add too much wine to your dish and turn it into a pot of alcohol.

Add ingredients with a pungent and strong flavor to mask the alcohol smell

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If you don’t want to discard your beef dish that comes with an alcohol smell, try adding some onions, garlic, or tomatoes.

All these ingredients work with beef, so it will be fine to add them to your beef dish to mask the alcohol flavor.

There is no need to add these elements at the same time, it will rely on the recipe.

The bottom line

Now you know that there are several reasons that make your beef smell like alcohol, as well as some tips that can help you get rid of this odor. 

By adding some ingredients to mash the alcohol scent or opting for a good cut of beef and properly storing it initially, you can end up with a good-tasting beef dish.

Good luck!