6 Best Beef Roast For French Dip Sandwiches: The Secret To Perfect French Dips Is All In The Meat

beef roast for french dip sandwich

French dip sandwiches are a classic.

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Unfortunately, they can be very difficult to make from scratch.

Luckily for you, there is a simple trick that will allow you to create the perfect French dip sandwich every time with minimal effort and maximum taste! 

This post will show how to choose the best beef roast for French dip sandwiches so that you can easily impress your friends and family at your next dinner party! 

How to choose the best beef roast for French dip sandwiches?

A nice French Dip sandwich can be made with just about any cut of beef.

The key is to find the right roast for your favorite type of sandwich.

The rest of this article goes on to detail how to choose the best beef roast for French dip sandwiches and what kind of bread they are traditionally served on.

1. Roasts should have at least an inch of fat on top

The best way to make a delicious French Dip is with the right meat.

Fatty beef roasts will keep your sandwich moister and more flavorful as it cooks.

If you’re looking for something simple just order up some Certified Angus Beef from our online menu today!

2. Purchase a boneless or semi-boneless roast for easier slicing of the meat

The best way to choose the perfect beef roast for French dip sandwiches is by looking at its shape.

A boneless or semi-boned cut makes it easier to slice, which means you’ll have an even layer of meat throughout your dish!

3. The ideal size for roasts is about 1/4 pound per person

Because they will shrink during cooking, the smaller your roast gets as you cook it and prepare a French dip sandwich with no stuffing or meat on top of some fresh vegetables in between two slices those buns from earlier-the better!

4. Between a beef round and eye of round, go with the round because it’s leaner 

There’s a lot of debate over which cut is best for making your favorite sandwich.

If you’re looking to make the traditional French Dip Franciscan Style there are only two options: round or eye.

The leaner beef rounds offer less fat than their fluffier counterparts so they won’t be greasy on top and easier to cook all around—perfect!

6 best cuts of beef roast for French dip sandwiches

There are many cuts of beef roast that can be used to make French dip sandwiches, but not all will produce the same results.

Some cuts are better for making sandwich meat, while others work best in a slow cooker or on the grill.

This article will suggest you great options for your next French dip sandwich feast!

1. Eye Round Roast

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Many people don’t realize that the eye round roast is a great cut for making French dip sandwiches.

It has an easygoing, mild flavor with plenty of tenderness and juiciness to it so you can enjoy this popular American dish in all its glory!

2. Top Round Roast

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The Top Round Roast, also known as the ” Choice” cut from beef roast cattle offers a slightly stronger flavor than Eye of round roasts.

This makes it ideal for dipping in au jus and even better if you’re looking to make French Dip sandwiches!

3. Bottom Round Roast

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For those who prefer their meat more well-done, the Bottom Round Roast is your best choice because of its higher fat content 

4. Ribeye Steak

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If you’re looking for something on the sweeter side, try the Ribeye Steak – not only does this cut have great marbling but it’s also quite tender and flavorful.

5. Beef brisket

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A less common option for French dips is to use beef brisket – while this cut of beef can be tough if cooked improperly.

When done right it can provide lots of savory flavors that are perfect for dipping into soup or sauce 

6. Sirloin steak

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Another popular option among those who like their meat rarer and juicier would-be using sirloin steak as opposed to any other type of roast.

This cut has plenty of natural juice which gives it a delicious taste without needing much seasoning or cooking time.


French dip sandwiches are a classic, but they can be hard to make from scratch.

The trick is in the beef roast.

Choose your meat wisely and you will have an easy dish that tastes like it took hours!

I hope this post has helped you out with whatever French dip sandwich dilemma you were having- now go cook one up for yourself!