Beef Fajita Tastes Like Fish: What Causes The Fishy Taste In Your Beef Fajitas?

beef fajita tastes like fish

If you are a fan of Mexican food, you must have tried beef fajitas.

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This classic dish is very delicious, but it might sometimes taste like fish due to several reasons.

If you want to figure out what causes the fishy taste in your beef fajitas and how to get rid of it, this article is for you.

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Why does my beef fajita taste like fish?

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It can be a common problem for your beef fajita to taste not like it is supposed to be, including a fishy taste.

So what are the reasons behind this fact?

Let’s take a look:

Your beef fajitas are cooked in the same pot that has been used to cook fish

The first reason might be that your beef fajitas are cooked in the same pot that has been used to cook another fish dish without being washed completely.

Fish has a strong smell and taste, and it might be unpleasant if it comes from a non-fish dish (doesn’t include fish.)

The equipment that is used to cook fish should be cleaned and rinsed thoroughly before being used for other recipes, especially meat-based dishes like beef fajitas.

Beef and fish have been stored uncovered and closely

The second cause for the fishy taste in your beef fajitas is that you have stored the ingredients in an improper way.

For example, if you have a habit of stocking a lot of things in the freezer for later use, and your beef and fish packages/containers are not covered tightly, chances are their smells will affect each other during the freezing process.

Since fish has a more pungent flavor than beef, your beef’s flavor will be affected stronger and end up with a fishy taste when thawed and cooked.

You have bought organic grass-fed beef that is high in omega-3

The last possibility might not be very common, but it could be one.

If the beef you use for your fajita recipe is organic and taken from grass-fed cattle, it will have a higher content of omega-3, which results in a little fishy taste.

However, the fishy taste, in this case, is not that strong and your beef will still taste like beef, you can feel it if you have a delicate palate.

Is it safe to eat beef fajita that tastes like fish?

In general, beef fajitas that taste like fish are safe to eat because it is mainly due to the ways you store and cook the ingredients that cause this problem.

With the aforementioned reasons, you can see that the fishy taste that might exist in your beef fajitas doesn’t mean that your dish is already spoiled.

However, in case the fishy smell and taste are too strong that you cannot handle, you can choose to discard it and make another one for the next time.

How to get rid of the fish taste from beef fajita?

Nobody wants a beef dish to taste like fish.

Therefore, people are searching for ways to get rid of this unpleasant taste in their beef fajitas.

Here are some common and easy tips that can help you avoid or ease the fishy taste in your beef fajitas:

Always make sure that the equipment that is used to cook beef fajitas is clean

The first thing you can do to prevent the fishy taste in your beef fajitas is to use clean equipment to cook this dish.

If your pot or pan has been used to cook fish, you better wash it carefully with soap and rinse well again with lemon juice, vinegar, or baking soda.

Don’t forget to rinse your equipment again with cold water to get rid of the sour taste from these bleaching agents.

Opt for fresh beef and use it as soon as possible, avoid storing it in the freezer with fish

The second way to get rid of the fishy taste in your beef fajitas is to use fresh beef as soon as possible.

Beef fajitas that are stored in the freezer for a long time, especially next to some packages of fish without being covered completely and tightly, can easily absorb the fishy smell and make them taste like fish when cooked.

Try adding some lemon juice

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A sour flavor can ease the fishy taste in your beef fajitas.

Therefore, try adding some lemon juice to see if the fishy taste is gone or not.

Don’t worry, the marinade of this recipe already contains lemon juice, so you won’t ruin your dish with this ingredient at all.

The bottom line

Beef fajitas are only delicious if you opt for good ingredients and cook them properly.

In case you have encountered a situation in which your beef fajitas taste like fish, don’t worry, just follow our instructions above and you will never experiment with the fishy taste in your succulent Mexican beef fajitas.