4 Tempting Desserts To Complement Beef Bourguignon

beef bourguignon dessert side dish

What better way to finish off a delicious Beef Bourguignon than with a sweet and decadent dessert?

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But what kind of dessert should you serve after enjoying your Beef Bourguignon?

Here we provide four suggestions in this article that will pair perfectly with this French classic.

What is Beef Bourguignon?

Beef Bourguignon is a classic French dish that typically consists of chunks of beef that are stewed in red wine and beef stock.

Other ingredients like carrots, onions, bacon, mushrooms, garlic, or a bouquet garni are often added to enhance the flavor of the dish.

Thanks to the long cooking time, the beef can melt in your mouth and comes with a rich and hearty sauce with a beautiful brown color.

This dish is actually very easy to make, and the resulting dish is sure to please even the most discerning palate.

What to consider when choosing a dessert to serve with Beef Bourguignon?

A dessert is actually more important than we thought.

Whether it completes your meal or not will literally depend on how you choose the recipe.

So what to consider when picking a dessert after consuming Beef Bourguignon?

Choose a dessert with a refreshing flavor that won’t compete with the richness and savory taste of Beef Bourguignon

You should opt for a dessert with a refreshing flavor and light texture so that it can complement your Beef Bourguignon instead of competing with the taste of the main course.

Either a citrusy or sweet flavor in your dessert recipe can help finish your meal in a palatable way.

There are many options out there for a good-tasting dessert, so you can feel free to pick the flavor that you like the most.

Do you want a hot, warm, or cold dessert to serve with your Beef Bourguignon?

Besides the flavor of the dessert, you can also consider the temperature that the dish is served.

For example, some types of bread dessert are great to be served piping hot coming straight from the oven, or an ice cream definitely needs to be served cold.

So it all depends on your preference to finish your meal with something warm and sweet or something more refreshing and cold.

4 best types of dessert recipes to serve with Beef Bourguignon

Here are the four dessert recipes that we find most suitable and popular to finish your meal after Beef Bourguignon:

1.     Yorkshire pudding

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Yorkshire pudding can be a great side dish, or a delicious dessert for Beef Bourguignon too.

This English recipe is widely eaten across the world thanks to its versatility and deliciousness.

Yorkshire pudding has a savory taste which is quite similar to a pancake but is still unique in its own way.

Yorkshire pudding can be made at home without any fuss, or bought from many grocery stores, fast food restaurants, or bakeries.

2.     Biscuits

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Another dessert that is great to serve with your Beef Bourguignon is biscuits.

Biscuits are a Southern staple that exists in many variants.

Buttermilk biscuits are one of the most classic recipes.

But you can also opt for other biscuit recipes with more flavors like vanilla or chocolate to pair with your rich and hearty Beef Bourguignon.

3.     Fruit platter

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A platter of different fruits is also great on the side of Beef Bourguignon.

You can mix and serve whatever fruit you want in a fruit platter, like mango, pineapple, kiwi, grape, cherry, blueberry, orange, or watermelon.

A fruit platter which has a vibrant and colorful look with a flavorful and refreshing taste from fresh fruits will definitely finish your meal in an exciting and memorable way.

4.     Vanilla ice cream with a chocolate sauce

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Our last option to serve with Beef Bourguignon is ice cream.

Vanilla ice cream is the most classic variant that you can easily make at home or find anywhere in the world.

However, to make this dessert more special and flavorful, drizzle some chocolate sauce and some crushed nuts over the cold ice cream, and you can have an eye-catching restaurant-like dessert to enjoy after your Beef Bourguignon.

The bottom line

Now you know some of the best desserts to serve with your Beef Bourguignon.

You don’t need to dine out at a restaurant to be served with the aforementioned dessert options because they are all easy to make at home.

Why not try them out the next time when you have Beef Bourguignon and figure out which dessert works best?