White Rock Chicken Vs Leghorn: What’s The Difference?

white rock chicken vs leghorn

In the following article, we will be discussing which chicken is better: white rock or leghorn.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on what type of chicken or chicken egg to buy from a store.

Knowing how these two chicken breeds differ from each other will help you have an informed decision when it comes to shopping for chicken products.

What are White Rock chickens?

White rock chickens, or known as White Plymouth Rock chickens, are a great American poultry heritage chicken breed.

They are a rare breed from the small town of Piney Creek that has been in existence for over 100 years.

They are not only reputed for their high meat quality and a perfect ratio of meat-to-bone which is ideal for dishes like soups, stews, or baking recipes but also for their productive egg production.

White Plymouth Rock chickens have thick feathers which keep them warm in the winter, therefore, there won’t be any problem when raising this kind of chicken during the cold weather.

White Rock chickens, despite their white color, lay brown eggs.

Their eggs are usually large to extra large size, and a female White Rock chicken can averagely lay 240 to 280 brown eggs per year.

What are Leghorn chickens?

Leghorn chickens are a breed of chicken that is typically used for commercial egg production.

Their origin has a root in central Italy, that’s why it was initially called Italians, but this chicken breed was exported to North America in 1828 and from the United States to Britain in 1870.

Now, Leghorn chickens are available in different parts of the world.

Leghorn chickens also have white thick feathers with red faces, which is similar to White Rock chickens.

However, they are not as friendly as the other breed and tend to avoid human contact.

They are nervous and willing to fight.

Leghorn chickens produce eggs at a rapid rate and their eggs are averagely larger than standard-sized eggs.

They can lay up to 300 and 320 white eggs per year.

What are the differences between White Rock chickens vs Leghorn chickens?

White Rock chickens and Leghorn chickens are two different breeds of chicken, but at first glance, it’s hard for us to distinguish them because of their similar look.

Don’t worry, the comparison table below will give you a closer look at how White Rock chickens differ from Leghorn chickens:

 White Rock chickensLeghorn chickens
ProductionFor both meat and egg, even as a pet poultryMainly for egg production (layer chicken)
CharacteristicsMore friendly and inquisitiveShy, alert, and fighty
Egg color and sizeBrown, large sizeWhite, larger than White Rock chicken eggs
Life expectancyUp to eight years when properly caredAbout five years
PriceMore expensive because this breed is dual purposeCheaper but ideal for egg production

What are the similarities between White Rock chickens vs Leghorn chickens?

White Rock chickens and Leghorn chickens, despite many differences, also share several similarities, as mentioned below:

1. White Rock chickens and Leghorn chickens have the same appearance

If a person without any knowledge about the chicken breed might think White Rock chickens and Leghorn chickens come from the same breed at first sight.

The reason is these two kinds of the breed have the same appearance, with white fluffy feathers and red faces.

Their thick coats keep them healthy during the winter.

So if you are living in a cold place, feel free to raise White Rock chickens or Leghorn chickens because they will live well.

2. White rock chickens and Leghorn chickens are great layer chickens

Both chicken breeds have high egg-laying productivity and their eggs are even larger than standard-sized eggs.

Therefore, if you are looking for a chicken breed for egg production, consider either White Rock or Leghorn chickens.

Pay a little extra for White Rock chickens and you will not only have the freshest large eggs frequently from your backyard but also amazing chicken dishes from their meat.

3. These two breeds are now commonly found in America

Another similarity between White Rock chickens and Leghorn chickens is that these two breeds are popular in the United States.

White Rock is an American breed whereas Leghorn chicken originated in Italy.

However, today, you are likely to find both more common in America than Italy or anywhere else.

Which one is better?

The answer to this question will depend on your needs.

Leghorn chickens are excellent egg layers, but they are not as popular for eating because of their fat content and the texture of the meat.

White Rock chickens have a high feed conversion rate that makes them more cost-effective than leghorns in commercial farming operations, but they do lay fewer eggs per year.

When it comes down to which type of chicken is best for you, make sure to consider your budget and what you plan on using the bird for before making a decision.

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