Where To Buy Wagyu Beef Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

If you are a fan of beef, you must have heard about Wagyu beef.

As one of the most delicious and expensive kinds of beef all over the world, what is special about Wagyu beef?

Let’s figure it out in this article.

Moreover, we will also tell you about where you can buy Wagyu so that one day when you can afford it, you will know where to look for it.

What is Wagyu beef?

Japanese Beef Wagyu Ribeye Steak - approx. 1 lb / 454 g - A5 Grade...

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Wagyu beef originated in Japan, and it refers to any breed of cows in this Asian country because “Wa”  means Japanese and “gyu” means cow.

There are four main breeds of Wagyu, which are Black, Polled, Brown, and Shorthorn.

So what makes this kind of beef so special and costly?

Wagyu beef is highly prized for its tenderness and rich flavor.

The meat is very high in marbling fat, making it so tender and juicy when being cooked.

Wagyu beef is often used in high-end restaurants and sold at a much higher price than regular beef.

But its amazing taste and texture can justify the price.

Not only superb in gastronomy, but Wagyu beef is also very healthy, which is opposite to the misconception about red meat.

It is found higher in a type of fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid (simply known as CLA), omega 3, and omega 6, which are very beneficial to human health.

How many calories are in Wagyu beef?

Japanese Beef Wagyu Ribeye Steak - approx. 1 lb / 454 g - A5 Grade...

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Wagyu beef is found to have more protein, fat, and calories per serving size than regular beef.

A steak which is about 6.1 oz will provide us 410 calories, 30.6 grams of fat, one gram of carbs, and 32.7 grams of protein.

This is equivalent to two serving sizes, which means you will get about more than 200 calories in a single meal served with Wagyu beef, which turns out not to be a big deal at all.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, Wagyu beef is very nutritious with many good nutrients and minerals for our health.

Therefore, it would be best to have a chance to consume this kind of beef every once in a while.

How to choose the best Wagyu beef?

Wagyu beef is very expensive.

Therefore, to be worth what you have paid for, there are some key factors to choose the best Wagyu beef on the market.

1.   Buy Wagyu from a reliable supplier

Don’t waste your money just because of the tricks from many sellers.

Look for Wagyu beef that is sold at a reputable butcher shop or supply chain to make sure that it is authentic.

Wagyu beef has a lot of marbling fat and has a deep red color with a soft texture.

Also based on these identifications to determine if the beef they sell in these places is reliable or not.

2.   Consider the grade of Wagyu beef

Japanese Beef Wagyu Ribeye Steak - approx. 1 lb / 454 g - A5 Grade...

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Beef, especially from the high-quality breeds, is usually graded by USDA.

You can look for the Prime, Choice, or Select grades that refer to three levels of beef.

Wagyu beef is usually either Prime or Choice because of the high marbling fat content, and the latter will have a little lower price and less fat than the first one.

So depending on your financial situation and your family preference, you can consider these two grades of beef.

Where to buy Wagyu beef?

You usually see Wagyu beef served in high-end restaurants.

But what if you want to make your own dish from this amazing kind of beef, have you wondered where to buy it?

So let’s take a look at below:

1.   Butcher shops

There are some specialty butcher shops selling different kinds of beef besides the conventional counterpart.

Shopping for beef in these places is also a little more economical compared to the big supermarkets.

So if you want to make some dishes from Wagyu beef, head to the nearest local butcher shop to check its availability.

2.   Large chain supermarkets

Not all supermarkets across America have Wagyu beef, but the high chance is that it is sold at large chain supermarkets, such as Costco, Walmart, or Whole Foods.

If you cannot find Wagyu beef in your local butcher shop, we are afraid that you will have to go a bit further to these places.

But the high-quality Wagyu beef is gonna be worth it.

3.   Online

Japanese Beef Wagyu Ribeye Steak - approx. 1 lb / 454 g - A5 Grade...

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Amazon, eBay, or any supermarket’s websites have Wagyu beef sold online.

You can even purchase Wagyu beef products like beef jerky or the smoked version here.

However, remember to read the reviews from other customers before making the purchase to make sure that the meat from the seller on these online platforms is reliable.


In conclusion, Wagyu beef is one of the best beef in the world with a wonderful marbling fat content and flavor profile.

Although it is much more expensive and less popular than regular beef, there is not just one place you can buy this type of beef though.

You can look for Wagyu beef in many forms: raw, frozen, processed or cooked in a local butcher, supermarket, or even online.

When having this amazing ingredient on hand, you can create any restaurant-quality dish to surprise the whole family.