Vienna Beef Hot Dogs: Where To Buy Them, And How To Make Them Youself

Who doesn’t want a delicious hot dog as a snack or even a main course?

If you are living in America, you must have heard about Vienna beef hot dogs, one of the Chicago classics.

So what is special about these tasty hot dogs and where you can buy them? We take a look and have your answers in this article.

What are Vienna beef hot dogs?

Vienna® Beef Jumbo Skinless Franks 6' 5:1 5 lbs. 25 count

Vienna beef hot dogs are one of the most famous hot dogs across America.

Vienna Beef is the name of old-fashioned incorporation that is the leading producer of hot dogs with a rich history.

This kind of hot dog is also known as the Chicago-style hot dog.

The frank is made of 75% of lean and tough meat, mostly from domestic bull beef which will help maintain the dense texture of the frankfurter.

The other 25% is trimmings from fatty cuts.

With this ratio of the ingredients, the result is a juicer hot dog but still firm and chewy enough for you to enjoy biting it.

Vienna beef hot dogs producers also use natural casings, which can be from hog or sheep intestines with a variety of lengths and widths for customers to have different options.

How many calories are in Vienna beef hot dogs?

Vienna beef hot dogs are medium in calories.

This number can also vary depending on the size of the hot dog, but on average, a link of two ounces of Vienna beef hot dog (without buns) will provide us with 160 to 180 calories.

It will be a rich source of protein and fat, with other essential nutrients like iron, zinc, or B-vitamins like other meat cuts of beef.

However, like most processed foods, Vienna beef hot dogs are high in sodium, which is used to boost the flavor and preserve, preserve make it look pink.

Therefore, you should limit your portion of hot dogs and have a suitable diet with this ingredient.

How to choose the best Vienna beef hot dogs?

Vienna beef hot dogs are a delicious dish that is very convenient, making it perfect for those who don’t have time to prepare a hearty meal from scratch.

So how to choose the best Vienna beef hot dogs? Let’s take a look at the tips below:

1. Buy Vienna beef hot dogs from a reliable store

You should know what the real package of Vienna beef franks looks like, with all the information about the logo of this brand, ingredients, nutrient facts, net weight, expiration date, and so on.

Don’t be fooled by an unreliable brand that counterfeits Vienna beef.

So make sure that you will buy Vienna beef franks from a reputable store to have the best experience with this dish.

2. Consider size and flavor

Over decades of development, Vienna beef now offers different sizes and flavors for their frank products.

Therefore, determine your family consumption and preference before going shopping and opt for the suitable kind of Vienna beef franks that will satisfy any member of your family.

Where to buy Vienna beef hot dogs?

Vienna beef hot dogs are too famous in America, especially in Chicago.

Keep in mind that the hot dogs are the complete dish with smoked sausage with other veggie ingredients, sauces, that are placed in the middle of the bun.

You can buy Vienna beef franks and make your own hot dog at home, or a hot dog made by a Vienna beef company that can be immediately enjoyed.

1. Restaurants and Stands

These are the places where you can find the complete Vienna beef hot dogs that are pipping hot to serve.

You can also buy fresh Vienna beef franks here too.

Vienna beef’s website even allows customers to locate the authentic restaurants and stands that sell true Vienna beef hot dogs near you based on your location.

2. Grocery store or Supermarket

You can also purchase packages of fresh Vienna beef dogs in most grocery stores and supermarkets throughout the country.

They will be in the same section with other kinds of sausages and deli meat.

3. Online

You can also easily purchase Vienna beef hot dogs from many online platforms like Amazon or eBay.

Some sellers even offer specialty sauces to accompany the hot dogs and replicate the most authentic hot dogs from a Vienna beef stand.


Vienna beef hot dogs are a Chicago-style staple and have been around for over 100 years.

If you live in this area, you can find them at grocery stores or even some gas stations, as well as in any supermarket across the country.

Rest assured that these tasty treats will be shipped fresh to your door when you order online so you don’t miss out on one of America’s favorite foods.

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