Where To Buy Veal Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Have you ever wondered what veal tastes like?

Will it be the same as beef?

And when you want to try some, where to buy the best veal?

There must be plenty of questions that come to your mind about this type of meat.

Don’t worry, you will find all the answers to these questions in this article.

What is veal?

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Veal is a type of meat that comes from baby cows, typically male and usually the offspring of dairy breeds.

Unlike beef, veal comes from young calves who are not used for breeding purposes and usually have dairy breeds to ensure that they are healthy enough to be slaughtered.

The calves are usually slaughtered when they reach the age of six or seven months.

 Veal production is also one way producers can get something extra out of their dairy bull calves; this ensures those animals do not go waste as well.

Veal has a more delicate flavor than beef and it has a velvety texture.

It doesn’t taste like beef at all though it will actually be beef if the baby cows can keep growing up without being slaughtered.

Since this kind of meat contains less fat than beef, you will need to be careful when preparing and cooking to prevent it from being tough and chewy.

How many calories are in veal?

Veal Cutlets, 12 count, 3 oz each from Kansas City Steaks

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In general, veal has fewer calories than beef because calories are made up of fat and protein, and the number of calories per gram of fat is more than per gram of protein.

On average, the serving size of veal which is about three ounces or 85 grams will provide us with 196 calories.

Like other kinds of red meat, veal is rich in iron and zinc, and also a wealthy source of B-vitamins.

How to choose the best veal?

Veal is usually produced from milk-fed calves, therefore, the color of the meat is different from the beef.

Therefore, there are some factors you need to take a look at when shopping for the best veal on the market.

1.   Buy veal from a reputable butcher

It is best to buy veal from a reliable store because this is the best place providing the freshest cuts of any kind of meat, including veal.

The veal is transported to the nearest butcher shop right after the calves are slaughtered to ensure the highest quality of the meat.

2.   Look for the veal with a bright color and velvety texture

Veal Cutlets, 12 count, 3 oz each from Kansas City Steaks

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Veal has a different appearance from beef.

A fresh cut of veal has an ivory color and a velvety texture.

However, there are some breeds with a bit darker in color.

As long as you see the veal cut looks fresh without any discoloration or weird odor, you can opt for that cut.

Moreover, the younger the calf is, the tender the meat and milder the flavor is.

3.   Consider your favorite cut

Veal also comes in different cuts like beef that allows you to have a variety of options.

The price also varies depending on each cut so be a wise consumer to buy a cut that will satisfy any member of your family without breaking your budget.

Where to buy veal?

Veal is not as popular as beef, but it is not hard to buy this kind of meat on the market.

Approach the following places and you can easily purchase veal at a reasonable price:

1.   Local butcher

Veal can be easily found in your local butcher shop.

Since the calf is smaller than the cow, it produces less meat.

Therefore, there might be a chance that you cannot buy a cut of veal just because of being late.

Just ask the butcher to save it the next time you are visiting the shop.

2.   Grocery stores or supermarkets

You can also purchase fresh or frozen veal in the meat section of many grocery stores or supermarkets throughout the country.

One thing to keep in mind is that the veal that is sold in these places will be a bit higher than in your local butcher or farmers’s market.

3.   Online retailers

Veal Cutlets, 12 count, 3 oz each from Kansas City Steaks

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You can also order veal from plenty of online retailers if you don’t have time for going out shopping.

Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or Kroger are some of many websites where you can find veal available.

When buying online, remember to check the quality of the meat through the feedback of other customers who have purchases veal from these sellers.


So we have provided you with all the basic information that you might need about veal.

Now, it’s up to you to decide whether or not this type of meat is something that interests and pleases your taste buds.

If you want to buy some veal, you can look for it in a butcher shop or supermarket.

In case you expect something more specialized and high quality, we recommend buying from an organic store.

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