Where To Buy Stewing Chicken Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Stewing is always the longest cooking method because it uses low heat to tenderize the ingredients.

Stewing chicken is great, but it will take a lot of time.

Therefore, when you crave some stewed chicken, the store-bought product will be a good option.

In this article, let’s accompany us to find out where to buy stewing chicken and how to choose the best item among various brands.

What is stewing chicken?

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Stewing chicken is a type of slow-cooked dish that uses moist heat over time to break down connective tissues in the meat so it becomes tender and juicy.

This method of cooking allows for hours of simmering or braising with little attention from the cook which makes this technique ideal for dishes like soups, stews, and casseroles because you can cook all day without having to worry about overcooking.

Stewed chicken is traditionally made at home.

Today, canned chicken stew is available on the market because people are busier and they tend to opt for a quick solution, which is food that is already cooked and ready to serve right from the container.

How many calories are in stewing chicken?

The calories in stewed chicken will vary depending on the cut of chicken (white meat or dark meat), skinless or skin-on.

However, stewed chicken is generally higher in calories because all the fat is packed in the dish, which is in contrast to other cooking methods like baking or roasting, in which chicken fat is rendered and removed.

For your information, one cup of stewed chicken (199g) will provide us with 332 calories, and 216 calories are from fat.

Stewed chicken is also a rich source of vitamins (A, C, D, E, B12, and B6), calcium, iron, and phosphorus.

How to choose the best stewing chicken?

Stewing chicken at home is the best because you can control the cooking time, seasonings, and prepare a high-quality chicken, or a single cut.

However, it is essential to know some tips to choose the best store-bought stewed chicken when you don’t have time for a homemade dish.

1. Avoid buying chicken stew from a damaged can

Stewed chicken is usually sold in a tin can.

Therefore, when shopping for this processed food, you need to inspect the can before making the purchase.

Avoid buying a damaged can that has either one of these signs: dented, bulged, or leaked.

2. Read the ingredient list carefully

Each brand offers different kinds of stewing chicken.

Therefore, it is essential to read the ingredient list that is printed on the label of the can.

The recipe from each manufacturer can vary, which results in the difference in the flavor.

You should read the nutrition facts of the product either and opt for the low-sodium one to consume.

3. Buy chicken stew that is made from organic chicken if possible

Another tip to choose the best stewed chicken is to look for a brand that offers chicken stew made from organic chicken.

We all know that organic chicken is packed with a more flavorful taste and healthier profile, therefore, organic chicken will also cost you more.

But the flavor will definitely be worth the money.

Where to buy stewing chicken?

Chicken stew is a great alternative to beef stew.

Therefore, more people are on the hunt for this product.

Here are some places where you can purchase stewing chicken on the market:

1. Grocery stores

In the canned food section of most grocery stores throughout the country, you can find some brands of stewing chicken.

The larger the store is, the more options you have when it comes to stewing chicken.

2. Supermarkets

In the United States, there are many large chain supermarkets that offer everything you need, including stewed chicken.

You can find the best product from Walmart, Costco, or Whole Foods.

Buying chicken stew in bulk will be a good option to get a better price or a big deal from these big supermarkets.

3. Online

If you don’t have time to go out and shop for this food item, you can look for it online, such as Amazon, eBay, or any website of a local supermarket.

Remember to read other customer reviews before making an online purchase to make sure you will get what you pay for at a high quality.


In conclusion, canned stewed chicken is a quick way for a hearty dish that can be done in minutes.

It is nutritious, mouth-watering, and very convenient.

Store-bought chicken stew can be purchased in many places across the country, so just head to the nearest supermarket and choose the best product based on our suggested tips above.

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