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7 Amazing Places to Buy Smithfield Prime Pork – You Won’t Believe #3!

In the modern era, when people don’t have to worry about the food supply, they are demanding higher quality foods, including pork.

Smithfield Foods is one of the leading companies producing pork and their Prime pork is so famous that anyone desires to consume it at least once in their lives.

So what is about this kind of pork and where can you buy Smithfield Prime pork?

Let’s check it out in this article.

What is Smithfield Prime pork?

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First of all, you should know that Smithfield is a famous subsidiary of WH Group of China.

They are a well-known pork producer based in Smithfield, Virginia, in the United States.

They have a rich history of almost 100 years, their Prime pork has been in line since 2004.

Prime pork is similar to Prime beef and is the highest quality of pork.

Although pork is not graded by USDA like beef, the Prime pork is also considered the best one with the perfect marbling fat ratio.

Therefore, Smithfield Prime pork is more flavorful and tender than most regular pork on the market.

The pigs are raised without antibiotics or added hormones in order to make sure their meat production is safe for consumption.

How many calories are in Smithfield Prime pork?

Smithfield, Anytime Favorites Fully Cooked Boneless Hickory Smoked Ham...

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Smithfield Prime pork can refer to any cut of pork as long as it is judged Prime.

Therefore, the number of calories that Smithfield Prime pork provides can vary depending on the cut.

However, in general, Smithfield Prime pork contains fewer calories than regular factory-farmed pork.

On average, four ounces of Smithfield Prime pork will provide about 190 calories and 90 calories are from fat.

It is also rich in protein, iron, and calcium.

How to choose the best Smithfield Prime pork?

It is obvious that Prime pork is the best, so choosing a high-quality cut is not hard.

But how can you know if it is produced by Smithfield Foods company?

Here are what you need to consider when shopping for the best cut of Smithfield Prime pork:

1.   Buy Smithfield Prime pork from a reputable butcher

Smithfield Prime pork is definitely more expensive than regular pork because it is of higher quality and tastes better.

Therefore, you need to look for a reputable butcher shop that sells authentic Prime pork from Smithfield to not waste money on conventional pork that is just illegally labeled Smithfield Prime pork.

2.   Look for your favorite cut

There is no specific cut of pork that is labeled Smithfield Prime.

As long as it meets the standard quality and is produced from the pig that is raised by Smithfield’s farm, it is Smithfield Prime pork.

Therefore, you need to determine which pork cut that your recipe calls for before going shopping to save more time and effort.

Where to buy Smithfield Prime pork?

Smithfield Prime pork is not really popular on the market like the factory-farmed counterpart, but there are still many places that provide this type of high-quality pork.

1.   Butcher shops

Smithfield Prime pork is available at some local butcher shops.

You don’t have to go too far to buy this premium pork, and the price is even budget-friendly.

You should call the butcher ahead to ask the availability of Smithfield Prime pork because it is not always in stock.

2.   Partner retailer of Smithfield

This is the best place that you can believe in to buy Smithfield Prime pork.

Look for retailers that are the partners of Smithfield so that their pork products are exactly what you need.

It can be Bashas’ if you live in the Southwest, ShopRite if your location is in the Northeast, or Cub Foods and Hornbacher’s in the Midwest.

There are always an option for you to choose from no matter where you live.

3   Supermarket

If you want to shop for other ingredients to complete a whole meal as well, it will be best to go to a supermarket.

Smithfield Prime pork is sold at the meat section, and you can also purchase anything else in other departments.

4.   Online

Smithfield, Anytime Favorites Fully Cooked Boneless Hickory Smoked Ham...

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It is relatively easy to order anything online today, including purchasing Smithfield Prime pork.

You can find this kind of pork available at many big supermarkets’ websites like Walmart, Whole Foods, or Costco.


Smithfield Prime is the most popular and sought-after pork in America.

This type of pork has a superior flavor, texture, and quality that will satisfy even the pickiest person.

Make sure you buy this from an authorized seller so you can get authentic Smithfield Prime meat whenever you crave it.

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