5 Places To Buy Smithfield Pork Wings

where to buy smithfield pork wing

You’ve probably heard about Smithfield pork wings, but where can you buy them?

And what to consider when purchasing Smithfield pork wings?

We’ll answer all of your questions about this delicious and unique cut of meat!

What are Smithfield pork wings?

When it comes to pork wings, most of us might consider what they actually are because these animals don’t have wings like poultry.

In fact, you’ve probably seen Smithfield pork wings in your grocery store before, but if you’re not sure what they are or how to cook them, you’re not alone.

French-trimmed pork shanks, also known as “pork wings” for their resemblance to miniature chicken drumsticks, are small cuts of meat with a piece of bone attached at one end.

They can also be called wild wings.

And Smithfield is a famous brand that sells this unique cut.

Pork wings are perfect for grilling up ahead of the game day, so you can enjoy them while watching your favorite team play ball.

They grill up fast and pair well with just about any side dish or sauce—and because they’re smaller than traditional chicken wings, they’re easier to handle on a crowded deck full of hungry fans.

In addition to grilling, pork wings are also great for being cooked in the slow cooker or in the oven to achieve a tender and juicy texture.

What to consider when buying Smithfield pork wings?

When shopping for Smithfield pork wings, there are some things that you should keep in mind:

  • Quality of meat.

The best quality of Smithfield pork wings is a perfect combination of meat and fat, with the latter being less.

The cuts should also be thick and uniform in thickness.

Fresh pork wings will have a dark pink color, while frozen ones are lighter in color.

It depends on you to shop for a chilled or frozen package of Smithfield pork wings; ensure the package is in good condition.

  • Size.

There are many packages of Smithfield pork wings out there, and you should determine your family size and their consuming ability to opt for the most suitable box.

You can go with small pork wings with a larger quantity or fewer larger wings.

  • Price.

The price of the product is also a factor to consider.

Not everyone can afford a big package of Smithfield pork wings, but if you can buy it in a sale-off program, it will be a big deal to save money without sacrificing delicious food.

  • The brand.

Is the package of pork wings you have bought really comes from Smithfields? This famous American brand can be found throughout the country and even out of the United States, but not all products are authentic.

So ensure to buy them from a reputable store, so they are worth the money and quality.

Where to buy Smithfield pork wings?

The good news for any pork lover is that Smithfield pork wings are available in many places.

If you crave some pork but want something different from the regular pork loin, tenderloin, or pork ribs, here is where you should go to get some Smithfield pork wing packages:

Butcher shops

You can find Smithfield pork wings at some butcher shops.

The best thing about butcher shops is that they offer a wide variety of pork products, from freshly-processed pork cuts to branded products like Smithfield pork wings.

These places are also great if you want to go beyond the basic cuts and try more interesting cuts of meat like pork belly or pork shanks.

Grocery stores

Look for Smithfield pork wings in the meat section of your local grocery store.

You can also find other pork products from this brand nearby.

The best thing about grocery stores is that they’re everywhere.

You can find them anywhere in the country, making shopping for Smithfield pork wings very convenient.


Supermarkets usually have good deals on pork, so keep an eye out for any special offers on Smithfield pork wings or other products.

You can get some freebies like recipe cards or coupons by mail if you sign up for their mailing list.

However, be aware that supermarkets may not always have Smithfield pork wings in stock.

If you don’t see them on the shelves, ask a store employee if they know when they might get more.

You can also try asking other customers who might have bought some recently and where they got them from.

The good thing is that products in supermarkets are not likely to be fake.


You can also get some pork wings from Smithfield without leaving your house and shopping.

Yes, online shopping is the solution.

Smithfield pork wings can be found sold on many websites, from small grocery stores to the biggest eCommerce platform like Amazon.


If you want to eat cooked pork wings, the best place to find them is in restaurants.

Many places serve this dish, and some of them even specialize in it.

Some restaurants even carry raw pork wings to sell to customers who are interested in this unique pork cut and wish to make some at home next time.


Now that you know everything there is to know about Smithfield pork wings, it’s time to start buying and cooking!

The best place to buy them is at your local grocery store or butcher shop.

But if they don’t have any in stock, don’t worry; just head over to Amazon and pick some up there.

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