Where To Buy Pork Shoulder Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Pork shoulder is a versatile cut of pork, and it is very affordable compared to other pork cuts as well as beef counterparts.

This is why a lot of people stick with this ingredient as a staple in their kitchens.

But do you really understand pork shoulder and where you can buy it?

Don’t worry, all your wonders will be unraveled in this article.

Now, let’s check it out!

What is pork shoulder?

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The pork shoulder is a cut of meat that comes from the pig’s upper front leg.

It is also referred to as a Boston butt or picnic ham.

Pork shoulder can be cooked in many ways including smoking, broiling, braising, roasting, and grilling thanks to a lot of good fat content which makes it very flavorful and juicy when being cooked in the oven, smoker, or grill.

Pork shoulder is great because you can make so many things with it.

From sandwiches to tacos, from soups to stews-using pork shoulder for your protein will never get old.

The pork shoulder cut varies in size depending on how much fat has been removed before cooking which will determine how long it takes to cook.

How many calories are in pork shoulder?

Pork shoulder is relatively high in calories.

On average, 100 grams of pork shoulder, or Boston butt, will provide about 269 calories.

For a serving size of one cup, diced pork shoulder has more than 300 calories and half of them is from fat.

Pork shoulder is also a rich source of proteins, vitamins like vitamin B6, B12, D, E, and calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and many other essential nutrients to our health.

To burn off more than these 300 calories, you will need to walk for 100 minutes, 38 minutes of running, or 55 minutes of bicycling.

How to choose the best pork shoulder?

Pork shoulder is one of the most popular cuts of pork, therefore, you need to know some key factors to choose the best pork shoulder among the vast majority of pork shoulder supply out there.

Here are some things to look at when shopping for pork shoulder:

1. Choose the cut that is not too fatty or lean

The best pork shoulder is the balanced combination of lean meat and fat.

Therefore, to ensure the peak quality of your dish, you should opt for the pork shoulder cut that is between fatty and lean.

The perfect marbling fat will make the meat juicy and moist while cooking, even if you give it a long period of cooking time.

2. Pork shoulder should be pink rather than yellow, white, or grayish-brown in color

The color of the meat will also tell you about the quality of the meat.

The best pork shoulder should look pink and glowy, and when you give it a touch, it will stick to your fingers.

If you notice there is any discoloration on the surface of the meat, like yellow, white, or grayish-brown, you should avoid and never purchase these cuts.

Consuming pork shoulder with these identifications might pose some risks to your health because of foodborne illnesses.

3. Buy pork shoulder from a reputable store

Make sure you are buying pork shoulder from a reputable store so you know they are getting their goods from a reliable supplier who can guarantee quality products to consumers.

Where to buy pork shoulder?

It is not hard to find pork shoulder on the market, especially if you live in the center of the town.

Here are some typical places where you can purchase pork shoulder even fresh or frozen.

1. Butcher shops

The first place that comes to mind when you want to buy a fresh meat cut is the butcher shop.

This is where you buy the freshest pork shoulder right after the pig is slaughtered.

2. Grocery stores or supermarkets

If you live near a grocery store or big supermarkets like Walmart or Costco, you will find pork shoulder sold in the meat section.

You can feel safe with the quality of meat sold in these places because it usually has to meet the input standard before reaching consumers.

3. Online

There are also many stores that offer online shopping platforms.

Amazon, Whole Foods, or Walmart have pork shoulder orders listed on their websites so that you can easily buy a package of pork shoulder right in your house.

Keep in mind that the reviews from other customers are the most reliable, so don’t forget to read them before making your purchase.


The versatility and deliciousness of pork shoulder is one reason that it has become a staple in many people’s kitchens.

It can be used as an ingredient for dishes like Mexican carnitas, pulled pork sandwiches, and slow-cooked barbecue ribs.

If you are interested in trying this cut yourself but aren’t sure where to go shopping, head to the nearest butcher shop or a supermarket, you will find the best pork shoulder for your next meal.

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