Where To Buy Pork Fatback Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Pork fatback is the fat sourced from the back of pigs which is described as ‘the slab of bacon without the meat part’.

While fat from other parts of pigs is considered as ‘soft fat’, the fatback is the ‘hard fat’.

This inexpensive product is served for different purposes: making crackling pork and pork rinds, rendering to become leaf lard, processing into lab bacon, and so on.

In this post, we will walk you through useful knowledge about fatback: calories information, standards of good fatback, and where to buy the good fatback.

How Much Calories Is in Pork Fatback?

As stated in the previous article , a serving size (approximated 28 grams) contains up to 180 calories, based on the types of fatback:

  • The fat part contributes to 85% ~ 95% of calories
  • 5% ~ 13% calories comes from protein
  • The rest is from carbohydrate

There are a lot of vitamins, proteins and good acids in fatback such as vitamin D, C, calcium, iron, and so on.

These vitamins and minerals help to boost your cell membranes, contribute to heart functioning and promote children’s growth.

While fatback is a useful ingredient contributing to the flavor and moisture of the dishes, you need to avoid eating all kinds of fatback in a meal if you need to control the fat intake.

How to Choose the Best Pork Fatback?

In order to identify the good quality fatback, you need to understand the characteristics of fatback.

The fact is: fatback is more than just the slabs sourced on either side of pig bones like many people think of.

 We have listed out three main variations below:

Raw Fatback

Fresh raw fatback will have a creamy white color with firm texture.

When you press it, it will spring back.

Also, fresh fatback doesn’t smell anything or it has a mild metallic odor.

Once you find out that the fat piece smells sour, has slimy touch or turns grayish, it’s time to discard it.

Streaky pork

This is the type of pure fatback with some streak of pink meat running through the white fat.

A good piece of streaky pork will have a firm texture, the meat part has pinky color and the fat should have creamy white color.

Salt Pork

While fatback is the pure raw meat without any treats or preparation, salt pork is a piece of meat from several parts of pigs which is cured using salt and other optional spices.

Where to Buy Pork Fatback?

Although there is not a big market for selling fatback, this item is also available to purchase in some options:

Local Butcher Shops

This is the ideal place to get freshly cut fatback.

Remember to do a little research, and do check the pork fat before buying the pork in order to avoid buying boar taint fat or spoiled fat.

 Since the fatback is not always available right on the time you need it, you might need to pre order it if you need a large quantity of pork fatback.

Online channels

You might notice that the pig fatback are now advertised and sold on some big brands’ websites such as Walmart, Amazon, or local farms’ websites.

White these online channels present to be a huge advantage for busy people as it’s time-saving, a real disadvantage is that: consumers might not know the actual state of the fatback.

Thus, there are probably some scammers making use of this channel.

If possible you should contact the supplier beforehand or ask for real time photos to make sure the fatback is fresh.


Fatback is an essential ingredient of traditional charcuterie.

It contributes to the juicy, flavorful and moist factors of many dishes, from Italian dishes called Lardo, to French dishes like terrine and pâté.

However, there are studies about possible health risks caused by eating low quality fat or consuming a large amount of any highly fatty food.

In order to ensure the healthy eating lifestyle of you and your family, make sure to pay more attention in choosing and cooking pork fat.