Where To Buy Pork Fat Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

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Fat plays a huge part in making your meals better.

Similar to pork meat, there are several main types of pork fat that we need to take note of fatback, caul fat, and leaf lard.

Each type of fat comes from different parts of pork and serves different purposes such as keeping pork juicy during the grilling process, using it as an oil alternative, or using it as an addition for meatballs, pâtés, or other kinds of ground meat, etc.

That’s why it’s essential to know the right amount of fat to add to your dish.

In this article, we will provide you with pork fat’s nutrition information, tips to choose from, and the best places for buying the best pork fat.

How Many Calories Is in Pork Fat?

According to Calories, 1 oz.

(equals to 28 grams) of pork fat, in general, contains 179 calories, a considerable high amount of calories.

Besides the calories it brings, there is also a wide range of vitamins, minerals fiber, and good acids such as:

  • Vitamin B12: is important for blood cells formation as well as brain function and immune system function
  •  Omega 3: contribute to your heart function and maintain normal blood testosterone levels
  • Phosphorus: maintain bone and teeth health, which promotes the growth of children
  • Thiamine (B1): maintain your mental and emotional states, contribute to your heart function and energy creation

How to Choose the Best Pork Fat?

When it comes to choosing the best pork fat for certain purposes, each type of pork fat has its own standard.


This is the solid fat beneath the skin layer that we can get from the back of a pig.

Good quality fatback has a firm texture, with a too-creamy shade or a bit darker than the pure white.

If you are planning to use the pork fat within a day, then buying fresh pork fat is recommended for having the best quality pork fat.

If you want to purchase a big amount of pork fat to gradually use it for a long time, you should consider buying the frozen ones.

Caul Fat

Other names are lace fat or fat netting, which is a thin sheet of fat surrounding the internal organs of pigs.

Fresh caul fat has a pink color of fresh blood and white colors, consistent netting, and have a distinct foul smell.

Leaf Lard

Different from the two above types which can be taken right from the pig, this fat is produced by rendering fat from around the pig’s kidneys and loin.

Its texture and color are more like butter than other fats: creamy white color, smooth and scoopable.

Leaf lard is considered the highest grade of lard since it has clear, unporky flavors and is suitable for certain cooking purposes such as making donuts or French fries.

Where to Buy Pork Fat?

When it comes to places to purchase pork fat, there are several options with their own pros and cons to choosing from.

We have listed down the common ones so you can decide your good fit:

Local butcher or markets

Do some research or seek advice from your neighbor about the reliable butcher shops in your area.

If possible, ask for a tour from the local pig farmer to make sure the pigs are raised in humane methods.

If you feel good about the suppliers, you will be more confident in their products.


Supermarkets are also a good place to buy pork fat.

Though you won’t know the exact place where the pork is from, you can decide if the pork fat is good or not based on the “organic”, “hormone-free” or “pasture-raised” labels.

The pork products with these claims are safer than the ones without clear labels or brands.

Online shops

This is also a great resource for getting good quality pork flat since it offers a wide range of online shops for you to choose from such as Costco or Amazon.

Similar to supermarket products, the products in these shops have labels and brands for you to pick.

This is an effective and time-saving shopping method for busy people.

However, its real drawback is that customers can’t see the actual product beforehand.


To get quality pork lard, you can consider rendering it your own instead of purchasing it.

We will talk about this topic separately in an upcoming article.

Besides learning how to buy good quality pork fat, you also need to know how to store it properly in order to keep its high quality and nutrition.

We hope you can learn something from this article and make a delicious and wholesome meal for your family!