Where To Buy Pork Casing Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

When you get into the sausage-making hobby, one of the first things you’ll need is pork casings.

Casings are natural or artificial intestines and stomachs that have been cleaned and processed to be ready for use as a sausage casing.

So is there any special thing about pork casings and where you can get this type of pork product to make your very first batch of homemade sausage?

Let’s check it out in this article.

What are pork casings?

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Pork casings are a type of sausage-making material, generally made from the intestines of pigs.

There are many types of sausage casings and some that can be used for other purposes than making sausages.

For instance, hog middles are often used in the production of haggis (Scottish dish).

One might also use beef bungs to make beef jerky or lamb bile to make a blood pudding.

The most common type, however, is pig’s stomach or intestine which has been cleaned and scraped with salt then dried out into a thin sheet before being cut into lengths suitable for stuffing sausage skins.

Pork casings have some flavors on their own when being used to make sausages, there are no ingredients or spices added for flavoring.

How many calories are in pork casings?

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Pork sausages are pretty high in calories, but it is because of the meat filling.

In contrast, pork casings are pretty low in calories.

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A serving size of 12’’ pork casings will only provide 12 calories.

That means if you cook and serve pork casings (or pork intestine) as a savory dish to enjoy with rice as in Asian cuisine, it is very low in calories.

However, most times, pork casings are used to enclose the sausage filling, so the whole dish is actually high in calories, fat, and protein.

How to choose the best pork casings?

When you have just started making sausage at home, it is recommended to use pork casings because they are easier to work with and produce a good thick sausage.

If you choose the low-quality pork casings, the sausage will end up terrible even if you have an amazing stuffing on hand.

So here are some tips for you to choose the best pork casings:

1.   Choose the pork casings that are white without any discoloration

The store-bought pork casings can be used directly from the package, therefore, you should opt for the pork casings that look pale white to white without any discoloration or weird spots on them.

2.   Be careful with pork casings that are cleaned by chemicals to reduce their specific smell

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One thing to keep in mind is that pork intestines have a specific odor, which is quite pungent and unpleasant for some people.

Pork casings, therefore, have this smell from the material used to make them.

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If you buy the pork casings without any smell, it might be because producers have used a lot of chemicals and toxins to remove this smell.

Don’t buy them at all!

3.   Make your own pork casings by purchasing fresh pork intestines

If you want to make pork sausage from scratch, including making your own pork casings, you can buy fresh pork intestines from a reputable store to ensure food safety.

Where to buy pork casings?

Pork casings are easy to buy, even if you are referring to fresh pork intestines or processed pork casings.

Here are some places where you can easily get some packages of pork casings at a very reasonable price:

1.   Butcher shops

If you want to reach out to your local butcher shop, you are likely to be able to buy either fresh or frozen raw pork intestines to make pork casings.

If you prefer this way, you can call the butcher ahead to ask them to save the best pork intestines for your next batch of pork sausage.

2.   Grocery store or supermarket

Store-bought pork casings are easy to find at any grocery store or supermarket throughout the country, from the local to the downtown.

Don’t forget to use the aforementioned tips to choose the best pork casings for making sausage.

3.   Online

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Pork casings are also available in many E-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Whole Foods market.

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So if you are too busy to go out shopping, this option is ideal to buy a bunch of pork casings without leaving home.

But remember to read the reviews from other customers to make sure that you are choosing the right seller and product.


In conclusion, you can purchase pork casings at any grocery store in the meat department.

The butcher or meat cutter will cut them to size for your sausage needs, and they often come already stuffed with salt so just make sure you get enough of these natural intestines for all the salsas and chorizo recipes that are on your list this week!

Foodies rejoice-don’t wait another day before making some homemade sausages from scratch.

Get those hog guts ready with the amazing stuffing from any ingredient per your preference, and you will have the restaurant-quality sausage in a couple of hours.

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