Where To Buy Pork Belly With Skin Near By: We Won’t Judge You For Buying It In Bulk

Pork belly is one of the popular meat cuts that are very tasty and versatile.

It can be sold bone-in, boneless, or skin-on, skin-off.

If you are craving some fried pork belly with crispy skin, or you want to make use of the skin to make pork rinds, it would be best to buy the pork belly with skin.

In this article, let’s learn more about this pork cut with skin on to see if it is different from the skin-off counterpart and where to buy pork belly with skin.

What is pork belly with skin?

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Pork belly is a cut of meat from the pig’s side.

It is made up of layers of fat, and not much meat.

The skin on the outside helps keep in some moisture as it cooks because the pork belly has a tougher, thicker skin than other cuts of pork.

There are many ways to cook pork belly, including braising, stewing, smoking, or frying.

The fatty meat can be very juicy when cooked correctly.

The most common preparation if you have pork belly with skin on hand is slow-roasting it.

By choosing this cooking method, you will have juicy meat and crunchy outer skin.

How many calories are in pork belly with skin?

Grumpy Butcher Fully-Cooked Smoked Pork Belly (Pack of 3, each 1.5 lb)...

Pork belly is well-known for its high amount of calories.

The calories in pork belly with skin is even higher than the counterpart without skin.

In general, a serving size of pork belly (about 100 grams) will provide more than 500 calories.

To burn off these excess calories, you will need more than an hour of cycling, 50 minutes of running, or three hours of doing chores.

Since pork belly is high in fat and calories, you better combine this ingredient with vegetables to complete your meal on a healthy side.

How to choose the best pork belly with skin?

When it comes to choosing the best pork belly with skin, there are several things you should look at every time you go shopping for meat.

Take a look at the following criteria and you will see what you need to consider when choosing the pork belly cut.

1.   Choose the pork belly that has pink to bright reddish meat, white fat, and light pink skin

The color of a pork belly cut should meet this standard: the meat is pink or pale reddish, the fat is white, and the skin is light pink.

There shouldn’t be any grey spot on the surface of the skin, or any other discoloration, which might pose some risks to your health when consuming this meat cut.

2.   Buy pork belly with skin that is seamless

Although this factor doesn’t refer to the quality of the meat, it is still better to buy a whole and seamless pork belly cut, especially in recipes that call for a whole pork belly cut.

If you can buy the pork belly with equal meat and fat layers, and a thin outer layer of skin, the resulting dish will not only look eye-catching and mouth-watering, but every bite will also gather all the taste of each layer.

Where to buy pork belly with skin?

Normally, pork belly is sold without skin.

Therefore, instead of just grabbing a package of pork belly without checking, you should give it a closer look to make sure that you buy what you want.

1.   Butcher shops

At the butcher shops, you can ask the butcher to leave the skin on the pork belly.

The freshest cuts of pork are sold here, and the pork belly with skin at butcher shops will definitely result in the best dish ever.

2.   Grocery stores or supermarkets

It is not a trick to find pork belly at the meat section of any supermarket or grocery store.

However, things change when it comes to pork belly with skin.

Many people are likely to make their own bacon, so they don’t need the skin on the pork belly.

So if you want to buy this meat cut, just give it a better check to see if there is skin on the meat or not.

3.   Online

Grumpy Butcher Fully-Cooked Smoked Pork Belly (Pack of 3, each 1.5 lb)...

Amazon also offers pork belly with skin, but not too much.

Spend some time to search for the sellers that are selling pork belly with skin on online shopping platforms, and all you need to do after that is waiting for them to deliver to your front door.


So we have learned more about pork belly with skin, from its definition, nutrient fact, and the tips to choose the best pork belly with skin.

If you want to buy the pork belly cut with skin on it, don’t forget to ask the butcher ahead or carefully look for the skin-on version sold at the supermarket, otherwise, you will have to sacrifice the crispy skin of this versatile pork cut.

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