Where To Buy Pickled Pork Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

It’s time to change your family menu with pickled pork, making the normal meat become more flavorful and tastier.

You can either pickle pork by yourself, or buy the store-bought pickled pork sold in cans to enjoy pork in a different way.

Let’s get some basic understanding of pickled pork and figure out where you can buy the best pickled pork.

What is pickled pork?

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Pickled pork is raw pork meat that is pickled.

The pickling process is placing the meat in pickling liquid if you have it available or submerging it in brine, which is usually made by adding different seasonings, such as salt, pepper, bay leaves, garlic, allspice, sugar, and other herbs if needed to water.

Pickled pork usually requires some heat to cook before eating because the meat is raw and never cooked before.

How many calories are in pickled pork?

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The answer can vary depending on the cut of pork you used to pickle.

However, the average calories in a serving size of pickled pork (about 2 oz) will be between 80 and 100 calories.

Although the amount of calories in pickled pork is not considered too high, this processed food is usually packed with so much sodium, which might pose some risks to your health.

Therefore, pickled pork should only act as the occasional treat.

How to choose the best pickled pork?

If you tend to pickle your own pork, you definitely would be picky when choosing fresh red meat, which will result in good-quality pickled pork.

In case you want some tips to grab a can of pickled pork from a grocery to your home, keep in mind the following factors.


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The package of the pickled pork will partially tell you about the quality of the content.

Pickled pork should be contained in a glass jar with a sealed lid, but a tin can like in many stores is just fine.

The most important thing is the package needs to be tightly sealed with no leak or dent.

Otherwise, it will affect the quality of pickled pork contained inside, or at least shorten the lifespan of the product.


In case you can buy the pickled pork sold in glass jars, you can see the color of the meat inside.

Accordingly, it should be pink to pale red and the liquid should be clear.

Stay away from the one with unusual gray spots on the meat surface, or with a dull brine.

Famous brand

Normally, some famous brands for this ingredient can be more reliable for you to buy the pickled pork.

The general quality of pickled pork from these brands might be a little higher than the average, therefore, do some research and also take a look at our suggestions below to see where you can buy the best pickled pork.

Where to buy pickled pork?

Below are some places you can find pickled pork there.

You can choose between the traditional shopping methods at supermarkets or online shopping via numerous eCommerce sites.

Big or local supermarket

If you don’t have chances to go for a long way and buy pickled pork from Walmart or Kroger, you can buy pickled pork at any local supermarket in your neighborhood.

You can easily find pickled pork in the canned food selection.


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Luckily, canned food is always available at online shopping platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, or ETSY.

There are some brands that receive numerous good feedback from their customers that you can refer to, such as Wisconsinmade, Matt and Dana, or Backroad Country.

Last words

Now we believe that you all know what to consider when buying pickled pork and where you can find the best pickled pork for your family.

Pork is great, but the pickled version shouldn’t be an everyday food at all.

Just be a wise consumer to always treat your family with the best dishes from pork.