Where To Buy Organic Pork Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

This article doesn’t refer to any specific cut of pork, but the pork meat in general.

The more developing our lives are, the more demands we have.

In culinary, more people are likely to prefer organic foods, including organic pork.

But have you ever wondered if organic pork is fantastic and if so, where can you buy organic pork?

Let’s figure it out right below.

What is organic pork?

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A lot of people are confused about what organic pork means and how it differs from conventional pork.

So organic pork refers to the meat that is produced from an organic farm, where the animal has been raised without hormones or antibiotics for at least three months before slaughter.

This differs greatly from a regular farm where they use these substances to keep the animals alive and healthy in unsanitary conditions.

When you purchase this kind of meat, you’re eating healthier because it has a less fat content and more high-quality protein than conventionally produced meat which can help with weight loss.

These farms also have pigs who are content and happy as opposed to being confined in small spaces like factory farms where they never get any exercise or sunlight.

And all their feed is kept balanced and healthy.

That’s why organic pork tastes sweeter and more flavorful.

How many calories are in organic pork?

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In general, pork is a rich source of calories and protein.

The exact answer for how many calories found in organic pork actually varies from what cut of the organic pig you are talking about.

It will be true to say that organic pork is a little lower in calories compared to regular pork.

The serving size of organic pork (about four oz) will provide about 150 calories.

Due to the less fat content, there is no wonder that organic pork has fewer calories.

This makes this type of pork perfect for those who want to keep their weight in line.

How to choose the best organic pork?

Normally, organic pork is considered better than conventional pork.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can go out and randomly pick a cut of organic pork and bring it home without thinking or carefully selecting.

When you give it better care, you can choose the best organic pork that will result in the best dish ever.

1.   Consider the source of the organic pork

This can be done by asking your seller or butcher or looking for information on the package of the organic pork.

When you understand where the pigs are raised and slaughtered, you can feel safer about the quality of the pork.

2.   Look for the fresh cuts with no discoloration and unpleasant odor

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Organic pork is better than regular pork, but it can also be stale if being left from days to days.

Therefore, when shopping for organic pork, you need to keep your eyes on the color and texture of the pork.

The meat should look pink to reddish but in a fresh tone.

Except for the offal parts that might have a stronger odor, the meat cuts of organic pork should not have any unpleasant smell.

Where to buy organic pork?

Organic pork is not always available anywhere in the world like conventional counterparts.

The reason is there are fewer organic pigs raised, and it usually takes more time until the pigs are ready to produce meat.

So where can you buy organic pork?

1.   Butcher shops

You can call out the butcher shops and ask if they have organic pork or not.

Usually, the amount of organic pork will be less than the majority of regular pork, so don’t forget to ask them ahead to reserve it for you.

2.   Big supermarkets

Walmart, Costco, or Whole Foods all offer some kinds of pork that are produced from organic-raised pig breeds.

Depending on the quality of the meat, the price from different breeds can vary, too.

3.   Online

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Many sellers also provide organic pork on Amazon or other online shopping platforms.

With this shopping method, you need to read the reviews from other customers because they are the most reliable.

Don’t forget to check the quality of the meat when it reaches your house because the transporting might affect it.


In conclusion, organic pork is becoming more popular as people grow concerned about the quality of their food.

It might be more difficult to find organic pork than other regular pork, especially if you live in a remote area.

However, you can go a bit further and look in the meat section of a big supermarket like Walmart or Whole Foods.

The high chance that you can find organic pork cuts here to create your favorite dish from this healthy and tasty ingredient.

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