Where To Buy Lakeside Canned Pork With Juice Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Thanks to the development of canned goods, our lives have been much easier.

Canned pork is one of the popular canned meat products that act as a staple in many recipes which are quick to make and delicious.

In this article, we will delve into a specific brand of canned pork, Lakeside Foods with their pork with juices product.

What is Lakeside Foods Canned Pork with Juices?

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As already mentioned, Lakeside Foods is a famous industry producer of frozen and canned products.

They have been producing these delicious products since 1979 and ever since then, the company has been committed to providing high-quality products at an affordable price.

Pork with juices is a product from Lakeside Foods.

It is packaged in a silver can with a super simple design, which is in contrast to its quality.

The pork is cooked in its own juices with different spices and seasonings.

The resulting dish is tender and savory meat, with the perfectly balanced juice that is ready to be consumed right from the can.

How many calories are in the Lakeside Foods Pork with Juices?

Lakesides Foods Pork with Juices is extremely high in calories if you count the whole container, but for a serving size, it turns out to be an acceptable number.

A can of pork with juices weighs 680 grams, which provides 1440 calories to your body.

So you won’t want to eat the whole can for a single meal, right? A serving size should be only ¼ can, which means if you consume 55 grams of Lakeside Foods pork with juices, you only get about 120 calories into your body, which is not a big deal.

Pork cooked with its juices is also a rich source of protein and several nutrients that are essential to our bodies, like iron, zinc, magnesium, B-vitamins, and Vitamin E.

How to choose the best Lakeside Foods Pork with Juices?

Choosing Pork with Juices from this leading brand is not a trick.

However, there are still some tips for you to choose the best ones among a variety of products on the shelf.

1. Avoid the cans that are dent and bruise

The quality of the can also tell you about the quality of the pork content inside.

You need to avoid buying cans of pork with juices that have a sign of damage like dent or bruise.

This is because of the canning process or during transportation, no matter what the reason is, this might cause the content to be exposed to the air and bacteria.

2. Check the expiration date on the label

The second thing that you need to keep your eyes on is the expiration date printed on the can.

Even though there is no problem with the condition of the can, it can be expired.

It is not safe to consume food that is over the best buy date or expiration date.

3. Check the smell and color of the pork after opening the can

So, when you have some cans of Lakeside Foods Pork with Juices at home, it’s time to cook your favorite dish from this ingredient.

Before adding it to your dish, make sure it has a normal look with pink meat and a fragrant smell.

Otherwise, you will destroy the whole dish that you are cooking.

Where to buy Lakeside Foods Canned Pork with Juices?

Canned products are very easy to find on the market, no matter where you live.

Lakeside Foods is a reliable brand, so don’t forget to look for this brand of canned pork when you reach the canned goods section.

Here are where you can easily find Lakeside Foods Pork with Juices:

1. Grocery stores or supermarkets

Most of the grocery stores or supermarkets from local to the center of the town all sell Lakeside Foods Pork with Juices.

In the canned goods section of these places, you can also find other canned meat like beef, ham, or chicken.

2. Online

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Many people prefer shopping online because it saves them a lot of time and effort compared to shopping in a big supermarket.

Luckily, Lakeside Foods Pork with Juices is sold a lot on many websites and platforms.

You can order it from eBay, Amazon, Whole Foods website, and many others.

Isn’t it great?


Lakeside Foods is a good brand that offers canned pork products.

The best part about this product is that it comes with the juices of the meat, which helps to make your recipes more flavorful and delicious.

For those who want convenience in their meal planning process, these cans are perfect for you!

We recommend picking up some of these tasty egg rolls or crab rangoons from Lakeside Food if you’re looking for an easy-to-prepare dish at home.

You can find them on many online selling platforms like eBay or Amazon, or just by heading into your nearest grocery store to purchase it.

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