Where To Buy Iberico Pork Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

When you go to a Spanish restaurant, chances are that Iberico pork is on the menu.

In this post, we will explore what Iberico Pork really is and why it’s so popular in Spain.

And what if you want Iberico pork right in the United States, where can you buy it?

Let’s accompany us and figure it out in this article.

What is Iberico pork?

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Iberico is pork meat from a breed of pig called Iberico.

The breed originated in central Spain, where it had been developed over centuries for its meat quality.

Iberico pork is one of Spain’s most famous exports.

It can be found on menus at high-end restaurants all over Europe besides just Spain.

Today, many United States authorized facilities have imported this high-quality pork meat from Spain, that means you don’t need to travel to Spain to enjoy Iberico pork.

Since this is a unique breed and the pigs are raised on a special diet, with grass, mushrooms, herbs, and especially acorn, their meat is much different from regular pork.

It is more flavorful and juicy thanks to the higher fat marbling around the muscle meat.

How many calories are in Iberico pork?

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The answer can vary depending on what cut of Iberico pork is.

However, in general, this Spanish pork provides more calories than its regular counterpart.

Averagely, a serving size of Iberico pork (about 28 grams) contains 140 calories, in which 117 calories are from fat.

The reason for this higher level of calories is that Iberico pork consists of more fat and lean meat.

There is a large amount of unsaturated oleic fat, which is the same as fat found in olive oil.

Now you can feel safe that Iberico pork’s fat is relatively healthy, and it is even believed to reduce cholesterol.

How to choose the best Iberico pork?

Iberico pork is a high-quality type of pork, but you still need to consider the below factors to choose the best Iberico pork and make the outstanding dishes from this Spanish ingredient.

1.   Choose the Iberico pork that has more marbling fat and dark color

Iberico pork has a darker color than regular pork.

At first glance, it looks like beef instead.

Therefore, to make sure that you buy the right type of pork, the meat should look red to bright red, with marbling fat around the muscle.

The more fat it has, the juicier and more flavorful the meat is when cooked.

Avoid the pork with any weird sign that can 

2.   Buy Iberico pork from a reputable source

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Because this is a unique breed of pig in Spain, not anywhere sold Iberico pork.

It cannot be bought in Spain and then brought into the United States by individuals.

The pork needs to go through several processes to meet American health standards, that means only some US authorized facilities can import it.

Therefore, be careful when shopping for Iberico pork on the market.

Otherwise, you will have to pay more money just for regular pork with some tricks to make it look like Iberico pork.

Where to buy Iberico pork?

Iberico pork is not as popular as the conventional counterpart, however, you can still find this kind of Spanish pork at the following places.

1.   Butcher shops

Iberico pork can be found in several butcher shops that sell imported products.

It would be better if you know a reputable butcher shop to ensure the authenticity and quality of the meat.

Normally, the price for Iberico pork that is sold here will be a little lower.

2.   Big supermarkets

Normally, purchasing Iberico pork at most big supermarkets in the country is not a hassle at all.

In the meat section of Walmart or Kroger, you will find a variety of types of pork, including Iberico pork.

You can also feel safer with the quality of pork here due to the standard input.

3.   Online

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Another way to purchase Iberico pork is ordering online.

You can find Iberico pork available from many sellers on Amazon.

Therefore, with just some clicks, you can have fresh or frozen Iberico pork right in your front door.

When buying pork online, don’t forget to read reviews from other customers to make sure that the Iberico pork meets the standard quality.


Iberico pork sets it apart from other types of pork because of the specifically nutty flavor from the acorn diet.

The high quality meat combines with an excellent flavor, making the whole Iberico pork dish desirable by anyone.

So if you want to bring this Spanish flavor here in America, you can visit a somewhat Spanish restaurant, or buy Iberico pork yourself to make delicious dishes from scratch.

The fresh cuts of Iberico pork are available in some butcher shops, big supermarkets, or on Amazon.

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