Where To Buy Ground Pork Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Who doesn’t want the pipping hot and delicious meatballs for dinner?

Let this article enlighten you with the most useful information about where to buy and what to consider when buying the perfect ground pork.

What is ground pork?

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Ground pork is pork that is minced or ground.

The most common part of the pig used to grind is the shoulder or butt.

The meat from these cuts will comprise both lean and fat, making the ground pork has just the right consistency that you are looking for, not too dry or fatty.

Ground pork can be easily purchased in the supermarket, either in fresh or frozen textures.

On the other hand, some people prefer grinding pork themselves at home to reach the desired consistency and sweetness from fresh meat.

How many calories are in ground pork?

The calories in ground pork will depend on the ratio of lean and fat components.

Basically, store-bought ground pork is about 70- 80% lean and the calories it contains will be between 230 and 260 calories per serving size (4 oz).

Ground pork is pretty high in fat, therefore it is usually used in dishes that drain the excess fat like being fried, baked, or grilled.

How to choose the best ground pork?

The higher quality the ground pork is, the tastier your dish is.

Therefore, this is the crucial step that determines the quality of your upcoming dish from ground pork.

Keep reading some criteria below to choose the best ground pork for your family’s meals.


The color of the pork meat will tell you if it is fresh or not.

Typically, good ground pork will possess pink to pale red from the meat and white spots of fat flecked.

If you notice any unusual discoloration, such as too pale, gray, or brown flecks, that might be the signs of bad and old ground pork, which is not supposed to keep being used.


Fresh and good ground pork will be relatively firm to touch.

If the one you buy from any grocery with a weird texture, like slimy or wet, that means you should toss it away immediately.

The package

The package of ground pork can be also considered as a sign of good meat.

Besides noticing the meat under the plastic wrap, which should be sealed tightly, new, and cover the whole ground pork, it is recommended to purchase high-quality packages with the aforementioned features.

Where to buy ground pork?

Although more people are likely to buy fresh pork to grind and freeze at home to ensure the freshness and deliciousness of meat, buying the store-bought counterparts is still a fast and effective option when you are in a short time.

With the standards to choose the best ground pork mentioned above, plus the recommended places to buy them that we will list below, you can feel confident and safe when it comes to using processed ground pork.

Big supermarkets

You can stick with the big and famous supermarkets which are a reliable supply of meat, specifically ground pork.

The perfect ratio of lean and fat will be 80% and 20%.

You can choose from Walmart, Kroger, Target, or many others near your neighborhood.


When it comes to buying raw ground pork, they rarely buy online.

However, Amazon does sell ground pork anyway, with a humble number of sellers.

So you can consider this option to reduce the travel and shopping time.

Final words

Cooking the tastiest dishes from ground pork has never been easier than that with the tips to choose the best ground pork on the market.

When you have good ground pork on hand, there are hundreds of recipes that you can find online to create restaurant-quality dishes and satisfy your lovers.

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