Where To Buy Dry Aged Beef Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Everyone is looking for the freshest cut of beef, but have you ever wondered what dry-aged beef tastes like?

If you don’t have the answer to this question and have never tried dry-aged beef before, this article will help you unravel all the wonders about this kind of beef, as well as provide you with a list of places where you can buy dry-aged beef on the market.

Let’s check it out!

What is dry-aged beef?

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Aged beef may seem like a strange term, but it is actually quite common in the food industry.

It refers to meat that has been aged for a period of time before being sold or served, that’s why the terms aged beef and dry-aged beef can be used interchangeably.

The beef is dehydrated by letting the beef be exposed to air in a humidity-controlled room.

The aging process can be as long as several weeks and often adds flavor and tenderness to the meat.

Besides the most popular way of aging beef, which is dry-aging, it can be wet-aged or vacuum-aged.

This process will make the meat more flavorful because it breaks down the muscle fibers, making them softer and adding fat to its flavor.

You will notice that dry-aged meats have a different color than fresh meats which comes from the natural enzymes in this aging process.

How many calories are in dry-aged beef?

Dry-aged beef is likely to provide us with more calories.

It is pretty easy to understand because, with the same weight of resulting meat, dry-aged meat uses more fresh meat and the aging process will reduce the moisture in the meat, making it lighter.

As a result, 100 grams of dry-aged beef will contain more calories than 100 grams of fresh beef.

Specifically, 100 grams of dry-aged beef provides about 246 calories.

This number can vary depending on what cut you used to dry-age.

How to choose the best dry-aged beef?

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Dry-aged beef is preferred by many people because it has a more intense and beefy flavor and tender texture, however, the price of dry-aged beef is also higher.

Therefore, you need to keep your eyes on the selection process to not waste money on low-quality dry-aged beef.

Below are what to look at when shopping for dry-aged beef:

1.   Buy the pasture-raised dry-aged beef if possible

In general, pasture-raised or grass-fed beef is superior to regular beef that is produced from factory-raised cows.

So the dry-aged beef from a pasture-raised cow will taste better too.

However, if you cannot afford pasture-raised dry-aged, it would be fine to look for the regular aged beef sold on the market.

2.   Consider the time of that the beef is dry-aged

There are more kinds of dry-aged beef than you think, depending on the time that the meat has been aged, and each will result in slight differences in the beef’s flavor and texture.

For example, 21-day dry-aged beef is likely to lose 10 percent of its weight, mostly from the front and back of the steak.

30-day dry-aged beef is the most common type, in which the steak has reached the ideal flavor and texture quality, losing 15% of its weight.

120-day dry-aged beef is the most expensive type of aged beef that is usually bought by high-end restaurants only.

3.   Buy dry-aged beef from a reputable butcher

Purchasing fresh or aged beef from a reputable butcher will allow you to approach beef with a clear origin and higher quality.

You can even ask them ahead for aging a specific cut of beef.

Where to buy dry-aged beef?

Dry-aged beef is also popular as the fresh counterpart.

You can find it sold in many places across the country.

Here are some typical places where you can purchase your favorite dry-aged beef cut.

1.   Local butcher shop

At a local butcher, you can buy dry-aged beef at a more reasonable price.

Moreover, if you know a reputable butcher, you can even purchase high-quality beef (like organic beef) without needing to travel too far to buy it.

2   Grocery store or supermarket

You can also find dry-aged beef available in most grocery stores or supermarkets throughout the United States.

Find them next to other fresh cuts of beef, or ask the salesman in case it is out of stock.

3.   Online

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The good news for people who don’t have time for shopping at stores is that dry-aged beef is sold online too.

You can find on Amazon or eBay different cuts or kinds of dry-aged beef, such as dry-aged steak or dry-aged sausage.


So if you are a beef lover and want to try something new besides regular fresh cuts, dry-aged beef is the way to go.

Dry aging takes weeks to months off of your favorite cuts by retaining their natural flavor and improving tenderness.

It’s definitely worth trying if you have not already.

You can easily find dry-aged beef at a local butcher, supermarket, or on Amazon and other online platforms.

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