Where to Buy Dried Beef: We Found the Best Deals

You must have heard about the creamed chipped beef, which is a popular breakfast throughout the country.

The main ingredient to make this dish is nothing more than a can of chipped beef.

So what is chipped beef and where can you buy this ingredient to turn it into plenty of amazing dishes in your kitchen?

Let’s figure it out in this article.

What is chipped beef?

Chipped beef is a type of canned food, made from beef.

It is pretty similar to corned beef, but the beef after being salted will be dried and sliced into very thin pieces.

Sometimes, it is even smoked to add a smoky flavor to the meat before being packaged.

Chipped beef is often served in the United States as an ingredient of scalloped potatoes or on toast with cheese.

It is made by boiling tough, cheap cuts of beef such as trimmings and shanks, then pressing them into small pieces before they are cooked again.

The cooking process reduces the moisture content to about 60%, which makes it shelf-stable without refrigeration for months and years, so it can be stored in warehouses until needed.

This simple food has been around for decades and was invented by French immigrants living in the US during the 1800s.

Because they wanted something filling that required little preparation time after working all day.

Chipped beef became popular among housewives who did not have much time to prepare fresh cuts from scratch.

How many calories are in chipped beef?

Hormel, Dried Beef, Ground, Formed & Sliced, 5oz Glass Jar (Pack of 4)

Chipped beef is low in calories.

Depending on the size of the can of chipped beef sold in the grocery store, you should divide it into several servings.

One serving should be only one ounce, or 28 grams of chipped beef, which will provide us with only 45.1 calories, including 10% calories from fat.

Chipped beef also offers us protein and a wealthy source of iron, which is extremely beneficial for people whose blood level is low or women in the pregnancy period.

Due to being low in calories, you can comfortably combine chipped beef with the creamy and rich cream cheese in the popular creamed chipped beef dish.

½ cup per serving size only includes 170 calories, which is not a big deal at all.

How to choose the best chipped beef?

Choosing chipped beef is not a trick, but you still need to keep your eyes on some key factors whenever shopping for chipped beef so that you can choose the best one from many products on the market:

1. Buy chipped beef from a reputable store and brand

More and more manufacturers or stores are selling this processed beef product.

Therefore, you should get advice from people who have experienced these new products before buying to make sure that they are reliable.

If you already found a good brand and supply of chipped beef, just stick with it until you want to figure out a new taste.

2. Avoid denting, leaking, or bulging cans

The key to having good-quality chipped beef is choosing the one that is contained in a can without any sign of damage.

You should avoid the containers that are expired, or either dented, bulged, or leaked.

These can affect the quality of the content and increase the risk of foodborne illnesses.

3. Taste the beef before cooking

Before using the store-bought chipped beef, be sure to give it a taste so that you won’t destroy everything that you have done.

The taste should be ham-like and savory with a satisfying smooth texture.

Where to buy chipped beef?

Chipped beef is widely sold across the country.

Here are some typical places where you can buy chipped beef in America.

1. Grocery store or supermarket

In the canned goods section of any grocery store or supermarket in the country, you can find chipped beef next to other canned foods like tuna, pork, or ham, and cheese.

If they don’t have your favorite brand, ask the salesman if they have it in the future or not, or just try another one instead if you want.

2. Online

Hormel, Dried Beef, Ground, Formed & Sliced, 5oz Glass Jar (Pack of 4)

Chipped beef is easy to store, therefore, it will be fine to buy it online.

Amazon, eBay, and many shopping online platforms provide this processed product with different brands and flavors for you to choose from.

There are even canned creamed chipped beef so that you can buy one and reheat it for a few minutes to have a hearty and yummy dish.


Now you know how convenient and delicious chipped beef is, so why not add some to your list next time you go shopping?

There are plenty of places offering this type of beef product so you can easily purchase several cans to cook and store.

No more hours struggling in your kitchen trying different ingredients with the presence of chipped beef.

Hope you will satisfy any member of your family with the best chipped beef dish.

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