Where To Buy Dino Beef Rib Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Dino beef ribs are a crowd-pleaser.

They are packed with flavors, texture, and health benefits that will satisfy anyone from the first bite.

The tender but still chewy meat is what everyone is looking for from the best beef dish.

In this article, we will learn more about Dino beef ribs and where to get this amazing cut on the market.

What are Dino beef ribs?

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Dino beef ribs are a type of meat cut from between the spine and rib cage of an animal.

They’re also known as “short plates” or “plates.” The term is often used to refer specifically to beef ribs but can be applied to other animals as well.

Dino beef ribs are more tender than spare ribs because they don’t include the tougher breast bone that connects with the ribcage, but also have less meat.

The strips of beef Dino ribs are about one inch thick by 2 inches long.

They are usually marinated in a special sauce before being slowly smoked over natural wood chips or hardwood logs until tender and cooked through.

Dino beef ribs can be served as an appetizer with or without bread, on top of greens salad, or as the main course alongside mashed potatoes, vegetables, cornbread, and other barbecue favorites like pulled pork sandwiches, brisket sandwiches, or BBQ chicken wings.

How many calories are in Dino beef ribs?

Dino beef ribs are medium in calories because they don’t consist much of meat or fat on the bone.

Generally, 100 grams of Dino beef ribs will provide us about 194 calories, 15 grams of protein, and 15 grams of fat.

As you can see, Dino beef ribs will be ideal for a hearty meal without having to worry about the calorie intake.

This is especially suitable for people who want to eat healthy without sacrificing flavors.

How to choose the best Dino beef ribs?

Bison Short Ribs – 4 lbs. Bison Short Ribs – Nebraska Bison
  • 4 lbs. Bison Short Ribs
  • All Natural Bison Meat, on the bone
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Dino beef ribs are a favorite cut that can be used in many recipes that satisfy any age.

Therefore, every member of your family will be very appreciated if you, as the main cook, can choose the best Dino beef ribs:

1. Look for the beef ribs that have a bit of fat

Beef ribs don’t contain much meat as well as fat.

However, the best Dino beef ribs should have both of these components.

If there is only meat on the rib, it is likely to be tougher if improperly cooked.

Moreover, with a bit of fat, the meat will taste richer and juicier.

2. Choose beef rib with a pink to reddish color and sticky when touch

The second factor when looking for the best beef ribs is their quality.

The fresh ribs will have the specific color of beef, from dark pink to reddish with an oily texture.

When you give them a touch, you can feel a bit sticky on your fingers.

Avoid buying Dino beef ribs that look stale and have any discoloration.

3. Consider the quantity of the Dino beef ribs

Depending on your family consumption ability, you should buy an adequate amount of Dino beef ribs so that everyone can enjoy them within a single meal.

It would be fine with leftovers, but isn’t it better to enjoy the freshest meal for the first time?

Where to buy Dino beef ribs?

Dino beef ribs are widely sold on the market, therefore, it is not hard to find this ingredient no matter where you live.

Just in case you want a bulk order of Dino beef ribs, they might not be available at the time and require some days for the producer and seller to prepare.

1. Local butcher shop

The first place where you can buy Dino beef ribs is the local butcher shop.

There will be some breeds of beef for you to choose from here.

If you can afford organic beef, which is usually more expensive, just buy organic Dino beef ribs and you can see the differences from the regular counterpart.

2. Grocery store or supermarket

If Dino beef ribs are just out of stock at your local butcher, you can head to a grocery store or supermarket nearby, or downtown.

Find Dino beef ribs in the meat section, next to other meat cuts.

3. Online

Bison Short Ribs – 4 lbs. Bison Short Ribs – Nebraska Bison
  • 4 lbs. Bison Short Ribs
  • All Natural Bison Meat, on the bone
  • Vacuum Sealed Roast

You can also order a rack of Dino beef ribs online, from many supermarkets’ websites, or on international shopping platforms like Amazon or eBay.

Don’t forget to check the reviews from other customers who have bought Dino beef ribs from these sellers before making the purchase.


Dino beef ribs should be in your kitchen once in a while because they are so tasty.

The good news is they can be easily found in many places.

You can purchase the best Dino beef ribs at your local butcher shops or even online if you are not in the mood to travel for shopping.

There are plenty of good recipes on the Internet for you to try once you have this wonderful beef cut on hand.

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