Where To Buy Crown Roast Pork Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

If you are planning for a reunion party to treat your friends and family to the best dishes, a crown roast of pork shouldn’t be overlooked.

This dish is not only delicious but also has a very eye-catching appearance.

You might find a good recipe for a crown roast of pork anywhere on the Internet or from someone else, but in this article, we would like to enlighten you with an overview of this dish, as well as suggest the place where you can buy crown roast of pork.

Let’s get started!

What is crown roast pork?

A crown roast of pork is a dish that is made from the rib portion of the loin.

It is a large cut of meat that has been roasted with the rib bones intact.

In other words, it is nothing more than a bunch of pork rib chops that have been nicely formed and tied into an elegant circle to resemble a beautiful crown.

It is a popular festive dish for special occasions like weddings or holidays.

The best way to cook a crown roast of pork is by slow roasting in an oven at 275 degrees Fahrenheit, occasionally basting with marinade, which is usually made from salt, pepper, herbs, chopped garlic, seasoning powders, and melted butter.

The resulting dish should possess a beautiful brown color and the meat is moist and tender.

You can also make it ahead and freeze it up to three months before cooking for maximum convenience.

How many calories are in the crown roast pork?

The raw crown pork has a medium amount of calories because the pork cut to make this dish is relatively lean, from the rib loin section.

On average, four ounces of raw pork crown will provide 113 grams of calories.

However, when you marinate the pork with seasonings and roast it, the calories are likely to increase, especially if the whole dish is stuffed with other ingredients.

In general, a serving size of the finished crown roast of pork will deliver about 240 calories or more.

In addition, this dish is also a rich source of protein and other essential nutrients, such as Vitamin B-12, B-6, Vitamin D, E, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, and many others.

It is also high in sodium due to the salt used in the recipe, so it is not recommended to consume crown roast pork every single day.

How to choose the best crown roast pork?

It is crucial to choose the best ingredient to cook this dish.

Otherwise, you will end up with a bland dish and a weird appearance that no one can admit that it looks like a crown as its name suggests.

So here are some tips for you to choose the best crown roast of pork:

1. If you want to buy raw pork to make the dish from scratch, go for the fresh and seamless pork chop cut

To illustrate the beautiful crown from the pork chops, you should buy two racks because it will be easier to form a crown.

The meat should look pink to pale red with the silver skin removed.

The bones from each pork chop cut should be equal so that the crown will look more attractive and real.

The meat and bone need to be attached firmly to prevent them from breaking while roasting.

To ease the preparation, you can ask the butcher ahead to help you form the beautiful crown before it reaches your hand.

2. If you want to buy the roasted crown pork, stick with a reputable store or restaurant offering pork that looks moist and fresh

So in case you want it to be more convenient, just purchase the crown pork that is already roasted.

Make sure you know some reputable stores that sell crown roast pork to avoid buying the stale and old dish from yesterday without properly storing methods.

If this dish is sold inside the glass cabinet which allows you to see it, you should look for the crown pork that is moist, bright in color, and smells fragrant.

Where to buy crown roast pork?

It is not hard to buy crown pork no matter if it is just the raw cut or the roasted dish that is ready to be consumed.

Here are some places where you can purchase the best cut of pork chop to make crown roast pork or the pre-roasted dish.

1. Butcher shops, grocery stores, or supermarket

You can easily find high-quality pork chop from either a butcher shop or in the meat section of a grocery store or supermarket.

If you are not handy to truss and form pork chop into the crown, it would be better to buy pork from a butcher shop because they can help you.

There will be no one to help you do the same thing in a grocery store or supermarket, so consider.

2. Restaurants

You can also buy roasted crown pork at most of the restaurants throughout the country.

You can enjoy this dish right in the restaurant, or take it home to serve at your family’s party.

However, the price for the already-cooked crown roast pork will be higher than the homemade version.


In this article, we have given you an overview of what a crown roast of pork is and the benefits it brings.

This dish is perfectly suitable for a special occasion because people will even want to enjoy your dish at first sight.

Call the butcher shop ahead so that you can have the best pork rib that is already formed into a beautiful crown, then you can roast it on your own at home.

On the other hand, crown roast pork is always available in plenty of restaurants throughout the country in case you are too lazy to cook but still want an amazing dish.

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