Where To Buy Chicken Wing Flat Only Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Who doesn’t love crispy chicken wings to enjoy on a chilly day or just as a snack to eat at any time of the day?

While there is nothing in the chicken tips and the meat is hard to remove in the drumettes, chicken flats seem to be the greatest choice compared to the other two parts of chicken wings.

Check out this blog post to find out what chicken wing flats are and where you can buy the best flats for homemade crispy fried chicken wing flats.

What are chicken wing flats?

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Chicken flats, or known as chicken wingettes, are the middle part of the chicken, between the tip and the drumette.

They are basically flat, hence the name.

Chicken wing flats are usually breaded and fried until they reach a crispy skin on the outside but juicy and tender inside.

Chicken wing flats have a higher skin-to-meat ratio, making every bite enjoyable with the extreme crispy crust and a flavorful taste.

The flat shape allows this cut easier to hold the sauce or dressing on it.

There are only two small bones that run along the length of the wing flat.

Chicken wingettes also have less cartilage and the meat is easier to remove than the drumette cuts.

How many calories are in chicken wing flats?

As already mentioned, chicken flats contain a high amount of skin compared to meat, therefore, they are high in fat.

However, since each flat is quite small, the total calories of this ingredient are at an intermediate level.

The serving size of four ounces of raw chicken flats (112 grams) will provide us with 210 calories.

Some people will say why we don’t remove the skin from chicken flats to reduce the fat intake, in fact, nobody discards the skin on chicken wingettes because this is the most delicious part that offers the crispy texture.

If you remove the skin, there will be only a little meat with two lengthwise bones that look like a mess.

How to choose the best chicken wing flats?

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Chicken wing flats are widely sold on the market in the United States and even are one of the sought-after cuts.

There are more and more manufacturers that produce and prepare chicken, including chicken wingettes due to the high demand for this ingredient.

With the help of the tips below, you can choose the best chicken wing flats with ease:

1. Choose air-chilled chicken wing flats instead of the frozen type

Air-chilling is the best method to prepare meat.

Air-chilled chicken wing flats will partially reduce the water content from the meat, making it firmer in texture.

This also lengthens the shelf life of the chicken flats and keeps them fresh in the store.

Frozen chicken wing flats will be fine, but if the meat is improperly frozen, you might end up with freezer burn and tasteless chicken wings.

Therefore, it will be ideal to opt for air-chilled chicken flats if possible.

2. Choose a package that contains equal chicken flats

When shopping for chicken wing flats, you should choose a package that contains equal-sized flats so that all your family members can be treated with fair portions.

This also helps cook the chicken flats evenly.

All the flats will require the same amount of time to be baked or fried so that they will be thoroughly cooked without any burnt or raw parts.

3. Look for cleaned chicken flats without any discoloration

The chicken wingettes should be completely cleaned before being packaged.

When choosing chicken flats, you should notice if there is any feather left on the wings or not, and also avoid purchasing the chicken flats that have any sign of discoloration because this might be caused by bacteria if improperly stored or from a sick chicken.

Where to buy frozen chicken wing flats?

Chicken wing flats can be easily purchased wherever you are in the United States.

Below are my suggestions on the places where you can look for the best chicken wing flats:

1. Local butcher

At a local butcher shop, you can find the freshest package of chicken flats.

You can ask the butcher ahead to divide the whole chicken wings into this cut and drumettes so that you can easily grab a package of chicken flats the next time visiting the local butcher.

2. Grocery store or supermarket

Chicken flats are also available in most grocery stores or supermarkets.

You will have access to different breeds of chicken, as well as different types of chicken wingettes, such as raw air-chilled, fresh, frozen, or cooked.

3. Online

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You can also purchase chicken flats online if you don’t have time to go shopping at a store.

Some popular platforms for online shopping are Amazon, eBay, or on the websites of certain meat stores or supermarkets throughout the country.

Don’t forget to read the reviews from other customers before making an online purchase.

Can you buy just chicken wing flats?

Yes, you can buy chicken wing flats.

They are generally less expensive than the whole chicken wings, and they are a good option if you want to eat the chicken wings without having to remove the bones.

You can find them at most grocery stores or supermarkets.

Just look for the section where they sell the raw chicken breasts, thighs, and legs.

You should be able to find them near the other poultry items.


There are different cuts of chicken wings, from an entire one to an individual section like drumettes or wingettes.

Chicken flats are the most favorite of a majority due to their flavorful taste and can be used for making the classic crispy fried wings.

The good news is you can easily purchase this ingredient at a reasonable price in most grocery stores or supermarkets in America, or even online.

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