Where To Buy Chicken Wing Bouquet Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

The traditional flower bouquet is an outdated sentiment.

It’s time to look at new ways to show someone you care and you guys can even share that present to eat together.

Chicken wing bouquets are what we are talking about.

This interesting dish can become a special gift for this Valentine.

But the question of where to buy chicken wing bouquets has become a dilemma, and you will find the answer in this article.

Let’s check it out!

What is a chicken wing bouquet?

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A Chicken wing bouquet is an arrangement of chicken wings that are fried or baked into a bundle that resembles a traditional flower bouquet.

Chicken wing bouquet is typically made of buffalo wings, which include a smaller part drumette and chicken flat/ or wingette instead of the entire chicken wing.

The crispy chicken can be served alone or barbecued with some hot sauce.

You can use them as an appetizer, main dish, or a side dish for your party.

To tie the buffalo wings together, you can use strings or toothpicks to be more secure.

There are actually different ways that people can use these wings to shape a bouquet form, but they all have one thing in common: they look really cute when done.

The best part about these custom-made arrangements of fried poultry parts is that they are just as affordable as a simple bunch of flowers.

How many calories are in a chicken wing bouquet?

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The calories in a chicken wing bouquet will depend on the size of the bunch, or actually the number of buffalo wings.

For instance, a bouquet of 10 plain fried buffalo wings (without sauce) will deliver 700 calories.

This seems to be a big number, but you can actually just consume three to four wings, which will provide you with around 200 to 300 calories, not too bad.

However, chicken wing bouquets contain a high amount of fat and the deep-frying method even increases the fat intake.

Therefore, you can consider the skinless version and bake them instead of frying to achieve a healthier side.

How to choose the best chicken wing bouquet?

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Chicken wing bouquets will definitely surprise your loved ones as a unique gift on a special occasion.

However, don’t let this dish only be impressive because of its appearance, but it should taste good too.

The following tips can help you achieve the best chicken wing bouquet in both factors:

1. Consider the size of the chicken wing bouquet

If you are hosting a party at home, find out how many guests will be attending before ordering large quantities of wings in a chicken wing bouquet and determine whether or not this amount will be sufficient.

This can get rid of too many leftovers after the party.

2. Order freshly cooked chicken wings on the day of your event

It is recommended to order a chicken wing bouquet with freshly baked or fried buffalo wings a day ahead of your event.

Also, make sure you have enough space in your fridge for storing the wings after they arrive.

If the bouquet reaches your party piping hot and your guests haven’t consumed it yet, the chicken can get stale.

Therefore, just order them one day prior and keep them chilled in the refrigerator before serving.

This will also prevent you from encountering a situation of having nothing to buy because chicken wing bouquets are out of stock.

3. You should opt for the plain fried chicken wing bouquet

There are two options of buffalo wings for you to choose from: the plain fried/baked ones or the wings that are tossed in some kind of sauce.

However, our advice is to look for plain chicken wings so that they can last longer.

If you want it to be more flavorful and served with your favorite sauce, you should buy or prepare a separate bowl of sauce and dip each wing in the sauce just before serving or consuming.

4. Choose a bouquet of equal-sized buffalo wings

Since this special dish is usually shared among a group of people, you should choose a bouquet with equal-sized buffalo wings so it is fair for everyone.

Where to buy chicken wing bouquets?

Chicken wing bouquet is not something you can always buy from any supermarket or grocery store.

This special dish usually appears on some special occasions or by customers’ requests.

You probably purchase chicken wing bouquets in the following places:

1. Local butcher

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Fried or baked chicken wings are almost always available at a local butcher shop.

And if you ask the butcher ahead, you can order a bouquet that is made from these wings.

Give them some money as the wage for making this chicken wing bouquet.

2. Restaurant

You can find chicken wing bouquets at some restaurants, especially fast-food restaurants where chicken wings are widely sold.

However, chances are you can find this special dish only on Valentine’s Day or a certain holiday, otherwise, you have to make an advance order.

3. Flower shop

Interestingly, you can buy chicken wing bouquets in the place where traditional flower bouquets are produced.

You will have the best-looking chicken wing bouquet from a flower shop.

However, you need to bring the florist good chicken wings so that you will not only have the best chicken wing bouquet that looks outstanding but also tastes amazing.


Chicken wing bouquets have become a new trend in dining out for Valentine’s Day.

This lovely and unique dish can be made at home or ordered from your favorite restaurant.

We hope we have helped answer where to buy chicken wing bouquets so you can enjoy them on holiday without all the fuss!

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