Where To Buy Chicken Meatball Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Chicken meatballs are a quick and hearty dish for busy days.

It might take time to make chicken meatballs from scratch, but now you can opt for store-bought meatballs that are ready to be served from the package.

This article will let you know more about this delicious ingredient and where to buy chicken meatballs on the market.

What are chicken meatballs?

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Chicken meatballs are ground chicken that is well-seasoned with various spices and other ingredients per the cook’s preference, then shaped into small balls, breaded, and either deep-fried or baked.

There are different variants of meatballs, which can be made from any kind of protein like pork, beef, or seafood besides chicken.

Chicken meatballs can be served along with a dipping sauce on the side.

It can be any kind of sauce you like, from a sweet and sour sauce to a hot chili sauce for a spicy kick.

These little balls can be tossed in tomato sauce or a creamy mushroom sauce for the main course to enjoy with some noodles or pasta.

People usually make chicken meatballs in a large batch so that they can divide them into serving portions and store them in the freezer for later use.

Today, there are frozen pre-cooked chicken meatballs that allow us to have this delicious dish in minutes.

How many calories are in chicken meatballs?

Aidells Chicken Meatballs, Teriyaki & Pineapple, 12 Oz.

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In general, chicken meatballs are relatively high in calories.

However, the exact number of calories of store-bought chicken meatballs can vary from brand to brand because of the different sizes of the balls as well as the different ingredients used in their recipes.

Moreover, the total calories of the dish will also depend on the sauce that you cook the meatballs in.

On average, one chicken meatball (about one ounce) contains around 70 calories.

Serving size will typically include three to four balls, which means you will get 210 to 280 calories.

Chicken meatballs are also a rich source of protein and many other essential nutrients for our body, including B-vitamins, vitamin A, calcium, iron, and phosphorus.

How to choose the best chicken meatballs?

Store-bought chicken meatballs are great and very convenient, however, you cannot test the flavor or texture of the food if you haven’t paid for it.

With the following tips, you can choose the best chicken meatballs just based on exterior identifications:

1.   Look for frozen chicken meatballs in clear packages instead of frosted ones

When shopping for frozen chicken meatballs, the key is avoiding buying the chicken with freezer burn.

This is because these meatballs have been improperly stored and exposed to the air in the freezer, creating that burn and losing some flavor as well as nutrients of the product.

2.   Read the ingredient list on the package before making the purchase

Aidells Chicken Meatballs, Teriyaki & Pineapple, 12 Oz.

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There is no fixed recipe for chicken meatballs so that the ingredients in the filling can vary between each brand.

Therefore, before adding one to your cart, remember to read the ingredient list to make sure that these chicken meatballs can satisfy your taste buds.

3.   Buy chicken meatballs that are made from organic chicken

If possible, find a manufacturer that offers organic chicken meatballs.

The price for this product will usually be higher, but the better taste and texture of these chicken meatballs will definitely satisfy even the pickiest eater.

Where to buy chicken meatballs?

Pre-cooked chicken meatballs can save your life from spending hours shopping for the ingredients and preparing the dish in the kitchen.

Now it’s time to check out where you can buy frozen chicken meatballs in the United States

1.   Local butcher

The first place to look for chicken meatballs is at your local butcher shop.

Normally, they will have a section for processed meat products, including chicken meatballs besides a variety of raw meat cuts like breasts or wings.

However, there might be fewer brands of chicken meatballs in this place and you can look for your favorite brand in the following option.

2.   Grocery store or supermarket

You can also buy frozen chicken meatballs in a grocery store or supermarket throughout the country.

This processed food can be found in the freezer of these places, next to other frozen meat products.

3.   Online retailers

Aidells Chicken Meatballs, Teriyaki & Pineapple, 12 Oz.

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Chicken meatballs can be easily purchased online with a few clicks.

You can search for this dish on Amazon or eBay, the two biggest and popular international online shopping platforms, or on the websites of certain large chain supermarkets like Walmart or Costco.


After reading this blog post, we hope you are more informed about chicken meatballs and their benefits and prepare to make a delicious chicken meatball dinner.

The best way to start is by making sure that you have the right ingredients on hand and then following a good recipe to make an outstanding meal.

Good luck!