Where To Buy Chicken Feet Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

If you are looking for something new to spice up your meal, it’s time to try chicken feet.

This Asian delicacy might be hard to find in an American grocery store, but there are many other places where you can buy chicken feet.

Let’s figure out what you can do with chicken feet and where to look for this ingredient in the United States.

What are chicken feet?

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Chicken feet, as the name implies, are the feet of the chicken.

They are also known for another name, patitas, or chicken paws.

Chicken feet set them apart from the rest of the chicken with a distinct texture that is gelatinous, crunchy, and chewy at the same time.

When being sold on the market, the hard outer layer of skin on the chicken feet is removed.

The rest is edible and mainly consists of skin and tendons with no muscle.

They taste just like chicken wings, but with more cartilage and without meat.

Although chicken feet are usually discarded in Western cuisine, they are one of the staple street foods in many Asian countries, including Korea, Vietnam, China, and the Philippines, or usually stewed in soup recipes in Mexican cuisine.

What is the proper name for chicken feet?

The proper name for chicken feet is “paws.”

This is a good question!

Chicken paws are the feet of chickens, and they’re actually very delicious when cooked properly.

They can be prepared in a number of ways, including stewed with vegetables and herbs, deep-fried and served as an appetizer, or used in soup.

Chicken paws are also often used in Chinese medicine as a way to treat various ailments.

The Chinese believe that chicken paws have many health benefits, including helping people with high blood pressure or heart disease regulate their blood pressure levels.

How much is the cost of chicken feet?

The cost of chicken feet can vary by a lot, depending on the size and quality of the feet that you’re buying.

The larger the chicken, the more meat you can expect to find on their feet.

If you’re looking for smaller feet, then you’ll probably be able to get them at a discount price.

The other factor that will affect the price is how many chickens you need to buy to get enough feet for your needs.

If you only want one or two, then it’s going to be less than if you need ten or twenty.

The final factor is whether or not there are any special discounts available at the time of purchase.

For example: if there is a holiday sale going on in which all chicken products are 20% off (or something similar), then those prices will apply as well!

How many calories are in chicken feet?

One misconception about chicken feet is they are low in calories because they don’t contain any meat.

However, the fact is chicken feet will provide us with a pretty high amount of calories.

The proof is that two chicken feet (70 grams) include 150 calories, and 70% of their protein content is collagen, which can help us relieve joint pain and improve skin and bone health.

However, chicken feet are usually deep-fried and tossed in spicy sauce, making them less healthy and can pose some risks of heart diseases and certain cancers if we don’t have a proper diet.

Therefore, it is recommended to stew chicken feet with bones to make a flavorful and nutritious broth.

Meanwhile, the tempting fried chicken feet should only be considered an occasional treat.

How to choose the best chicken feet?

Mary's Chicken Organic Chicken Feet
  • Meets standards for animal welfare, feed, and more, so you...
  • No antibiotics or added growth hormones (there are no...
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The fact is many people see the advantages of selling low-quality chicken feet in bulk.

Therefore, choosing the best chicken feet is a crucial task you need to do to ensure the nutrient fact and the taste of your dish.

With the following tips, we believe that now you can pick the best chicken feet without any fuss.

1.   Look for a reliable source to buy chicken feet

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to shopping for chicken feet.

The reason is chicken feet are usually collected in bulk and a majority of this ingredient on the market is frozen.

They can use bleaching agents to remove the dirty and old look or even the stale and rotten taste of low-quality chicken feet.

Therefore, you must find a reliable supplier that sells fresh or properly-stored frozen chicken to get rid of foodborne illnesses.

2.   Choose chicken feet that look clean but not perfectly white without any spot

It is great to buy chicken feet that have the dirty hard skin outer removed, however, you need to be careful when choosing the perfect chicken feet that are completely white.

This is because these feet could be bleached to have a more appealing look.

If you consume these chicken feet with chemicals on them, chances are you can get sick or even worse.

3.   You should buy fresh chicken feet instead of the frozen counterpart

Everything will taste better when they are fresh, including chicken feet.

It will be best if you know somewhere that sells fresh chicken feet in large quantities.

Unfortunately, in fact, to prevent chicken feet from getting rotten during transportation and to lengthen their shelf life, they are usually kept frozen.

It will be fine to buy frozen chicken feet, as long as you know their origin.

Where to buy chicken feet?

Mary's Chicken Organic Chicken Feet
  • Meets standards for animal welfare, feed, and more, so you...
  • No antibiotics or added growth hormones (there are no...
  • No animal by-products in feed

If you don’t know where to buy chicken feet, look at our suggestions below:

1.   Asian markets

Since chicken feet are one of the staples in Asian cuisine, it will be easier for you to find them in Asian markets.

Look for an Asian market in your area so you can buy fresh chicken feet.

If you want to buy them in bulk, ask the seller ahead.

2.   Local butcher

The second place to purchase chicken feet is at a local butcher.

You can also ask the butcher ahead to save chicken feet for you so they won’t discard these tasty ingredients.

They might give them to you for free if you have a good relationship with the butcher.

3.   Supermarket

You can also find chicken feet, mostly frozen, in the meat section of a supermarket.

There will be different sizes of chicken feet packages in the freezer so you should determine your family consumption-ability or your plan to store them to opt for the proper size.

4.   Online

If you don’t have time or mood for going shopping, look for chicken feet online.

It is possible!

Keep your eyes open while scrolling the websites because there is a kind of dried chicken feet as dog food too.

Why do grocery stores sell chicken feet?

Grocery stores sell chicken feet because there are people who will buy them.

Chicken feet are a popular snack in some cultures, and they’re easy to find in Asian supermarkets.

But if you’re looking for them at your local grocery store, you might have to look a little harder.


Because for most people, the idea of eating chicken feet is just… gross.

It’s not very appetizing—and it’s definitely not what we think of when we think “grocery store.” Which is why most grocery stores don’t carry them!


With a little bit of creativity, you can make chicken feet your new favorite dish.

Whether you buy them fresh or frozen in the store or order them from an online vendor like China Gourmet Food Import & Export Inc.,

There are many ways to cook and enjoy these unique ingredients that will help refresh any meal.

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