Where To Buy Chicken Drumettes (And Why You Shouldn’t Get Them At the Grocery Store)

Chicken drumettes are a delicious and easy meal option for any home cook.

They can be used in various recipes and are easy to prepare.

If you are looking for a place that sells chicken drumettes, look no further than this article.

We will not only enlighten you with the basic knowledge about the chicken drumettes cut but also provide a list of places to buy this ingredient.

What are chicken drumettes?

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Chicken drumettes are a part of the chicken wings.

They are cut from the end part of the wings that attach to the rest of the chicken.

Chicken drumettes look like a smaller version of drumsticks, hence the name.

They come in various sizes but typically range between two and three ounces each.

Chicken drumettes are the meatiest section in the wings, more than the wingettes (or flat).

They are made of both white meat and dark meat, making them both a healthy and flavorful option.

This ingredient is usually breaded or just simply seasoned with salt and pepper and deep-fried or baked until it reaches a crispy and beautiful golden crust.

The resulting dish is then tossed in the hot or sweet sauce for a glowy and appealing look, as well as an intense kick of flavor.

You can enjoy chicken drumettes as a snack or a main course.

How many calories are in chicken drumettes?

Chicken drumettes are medium in calories because they are made of both white meat and dark meat.

One drumette will give you appropriately 55 calories, and you need about three to four chicken drumettes per serving.

This means a portion of chicken drumettes contains around 200 calories.

However, the total amount of your dish can also depend on the sauce, the chicken is skinless or skin-on, and the cooking method, like drying or baking.

To make your dish healthier, use the skinless chicken drumettes, bake them in the oven, and serve with some salads.

How to choose the best chicken drumettes?

Choosing the best chicken drumettes is not a hassle at all.

With the tips below, you will find this process even easier than ever:

1.   You should buy air-chilled organic chicken drumettes

Air-chilling is a great method to store raw meat because it creates an environment in which bacteria are hard to survive.

In addition, the organic chicken will be a better option because it is produced from chickens that are raised without using antibiotics and hormones.

This will not result in a better taste, texture, but also healthier nutrients for our body.

Air-chilled organic chicken drumettes will be the greatest choice in general.

2.   Consider skin-on or skinless types

Chicken drumettes can come in skin-on or skinless types.

The skin-on drumettes will be more flavorful, and also fattier.

Meanwhile, the skinless counterpart is healthier but less tasty.

3.   Look for the chicken drumettes that are moist without any discoloration

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When shopping for chicken drumettes, it is best to choose meat that has a moist look and touch.

If the drumettes are watery, the chicken might have been pumped with water.

On the other hand, the ones that are too dry might be exposed to the air for a long period of time, which increases the chance of being contaminated.

Where to buy chicken drumettes?

Chicken drumettes can be found in many places in the United States.

Therefore, it is not hard to buy some when you crave crispy fried chicken drumettes.

Head to the following suggested places to look for chicken drumettes:

1.   Local butcher

At a local butcher shop, you can purchase chicken drumettes at a reasonable price.

If they don’t cut the wings into the flat and drumettes section, you can opt for the whole wings and cut them yourself at home, and use the rest in other recipes.

2.   Grocery store or supermarket

In the meat section of most grocery stores or supermarkets in the United States, you can find chicken drumettes that are either air-chilled or frozen.

You will have more options in a large chain supermarket than in a small local store, so consider going a bit further and try out chicken drumettes from different manufacturers or stick with a familiar brand in your area.

3.   Online

Another way to shop for chicken drumettes is from online retailers.

You can find this ingredient on the websites of some meat stores in your region or on the largest international online shopping platform like Amazon.

Don’t forget to wander on the Internet for a while to find out the best seller based on customers’ feedback.


Now that you understand more about chicken drumettes cut and where to buy them when you are hungry, it’s time to get cooking!

There are numerous mouth-watering recipes online if you are looking for a way to work with this ingredient.

Good luck with your choice.

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