Where To Buy Chicken Breast Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Chicken breast is no longer a strange cut to any of us.

However, not everyone knows how to choose and where to buy the best chicken breast, which will be mentioned in this article.

Let’s accompany us and figure out interesting information about chicken breast now.

What is chicken breast?

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Chicken breast is the meat from a chicken that is taken from the upper part of his/her chest.

It is sold after it has been plucked and gutted.

Each chicken has one breast with two halves which are usually separated and sold as individual breasts.

Chicken breast is the leanest part of the chicken that contains only white meat.

It is also the tenderest cut because chicken breast has no connective tissue and almost no fat.

This makes this meat cut great for people who want to keep their weight in line and build muscle.

Chicken breast can be sold bone-in or boneless, skin-on or skinless depending on your preference.

However, most of the store-bought chicken breast is boneless and skinless.

This meat ingredient can be cooked in different ways and it cooks quickly.

It might turn chewy and dry if improperly cooked.

One of the most common ways to prepare chicken breast is oven-baking it or breading and deep-frying.

When cooking this chicken cut properly, you will get the tenderest and juiciest dish that is also nutritious and healthy.

How many calories are in chicken breast?

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Chicken breast is a great source of lean protein but since it is low in fat, the total calories are at a medium level.

For instance, a serving size of three ounces (85 grams) of boneless and skinless chicken breast will only provide us with 128 calories.

The skin-on version will be fattier and therefore, delivers more calories.

Chicken breast also contains zero carbs, that’s why you can see this ingredient appear on many people’s diets, especially those who want to lose some pounds or want to eat healthier.

How to choose the best chicken breast?

Chicken breast is widely sold on the market, which makes it both difficult and easy to choose the best one at the same time.

The difficulty is there are too many packages of chicken breast to look at, and the ease is it is straightforward to pick the best one.

Look for the chicken breast with the following characteristics:

1.   Choose the fresh or air-chilled chicken breast

You should choose the fresh or air-chilled chicken breast rather than the frozen one to ensure the highest quality.

You can still freeze your chicken breast later for later use, and don’t forget to keep it in an airtight container or package before putting it in the freezer to avoid freezer burn and the loss of nutrients and flavors.

2.   Avoid the breast that has blood spots or discoloration

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When shopping for chicken breast, look for the one with a pale yellow and bright color.

Avoid buying the chicken breast that has any sign of spoilage or looks dirty with blood spots.

3.   Buy organic chicken breast if possible

If you can afford organic chicken breast, it would be best.

Although organic chicken will cost you more, it is worth the price with the better texture and taste, as well as a healthier background because no hormones or antibiotics were used.

Where to buy chicken breast?

Chicken breast is easy to find on the market.

With the above tips when shopping for chicken breast and its availability, you can easily pick the best chicken breast anytime you go out and search for this ingredient.

1.   Local butcher or farmer’s market

Purchasing chicken breast from a local butcher or farmer’s market is a great way to support local businesses.

You can also get a better price when buying meat cuts from these places.

2.   Grocery store or supermarket

In the meat section of most grocery stores and supermarkets across the country, you can find chicken breast air-chilled or frozen.

There are also a variety of options when it comes to chicken breast, from different breeds to a skin-on or skinless, bone-in, or boneless type.

3.   Online

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You can also buy chicken breast online when you don’t have time to go shopping.

From a website of a local meat store to an international platform like Amazon or eBay.

When shopping for chicken breast online, you should stick with a reputable retailer and read the reviews from other customers about the seller’s product and customer support service.


You’ve probably heard of chicken breast and how versatile it is for cooking.

But have you ever wondered where to buy the best chicken breast?

We hope this article has helped answer that question by providing a few tips on what to look for when shopping, as well as some great sources we know, will give you high-quality, meat at an affordable price.

It may be time to start making your grocery list!

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