Where To Buy Chicken Bacon Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

If you are a fan of bacon but don’t want to get too many calories that boost your weight, chicken bacon should be your consideration.

This healthier alternative provides a new protein that will spice up your family diet.

In this article, you will find out more information about chicken bacon and where to buy this kind of processed meat when you crave some.

What is chicken bacon?

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Chicken bacon is just like regular bacon but made of chicken instead of pork.

It is a thin strip of pure chicken that contains less fat, therefore, fewer calories.

Thanks to the less fat content, the curing process will require less salt, making it a healthier option.

Chicken bacon can be used the same way as traditional bacon, fried and served with some toast and scrambled eggs to create a classic breakfast that can be done in minutes but is still hearty and nutritious.

In some regions in which eating pork is immoral and not allowed, chicken bacon will be a perfect substitute.

How many calories are in chicken bacon?

As already mentioned, chicken bacon is made of leaner meat and contains less fat than traditional bacon.

Moreover, chicken is a kind of white meat that has long been considered healthier than red meat like beef or pork.

Therefore, chicken bacon is lower in calories compared to traditional pork belly bacon.

For example, a serving size of chicken bacon (about three slices or 35 grams) will only provide 70 calories, while the same amount of pork bacon will offer 160 calories, including 109 calories from fat.

How to choose the best chicken bacon?

Now we know that chicken bacon is a great substitute for pork bacon.

However, it doesn’t mean you can buy the best chicken bacon every time you shop for this processed meat.

Don’t worry, follow these tips and you will always have the best chicken bacon on hand to make outstanding dishes from this healthy ingredient.

1. Buy chicken bacon from a reputable brand

There are many brands that offer chicken bacon.

Therefore, you need to be a wise consumer to choose a reliable brand that sells chicken bacon that is made from real and high-quality chicken.

2. Choose the package that has no sign of damage and spoilage

Chicken bacon is typically sold in plastic packages.

Therefore, checking the condition of the package will also help you determine the quality of the content inside.

The package of chicken bacon should be dry and not be bulged.

Choosing a clear package will allow you to see if there is mold or any sign of spoilage on the surface of the bacon.

3. Choose bacon that is made from organic chicken

Organic chicken is always safer and tastes better, therefore, it would be best if you can buy chicken bacon that is made from organic chicken.

On the other hand, organic chicken, which is also known as cage-free, free-range, or antibiotic-free chicken, usually costs you more than regular factory-raised chicken.

Therefore, you can invite some friends to share a bulk order to get a better price for organic chicken bacon.

Where to buy chicken bacon?

Chicken bacon is not really widely sold on the market like traditional pork bacon, especially in some remote areas.

However, most of the time, you can find chicken bacon in the following places: 

1. Local butcher

Looking for chicken bacon in local butcher shops that also sell fresh meat cuts of chicken is an intelligent way.

To diversify their meat products, the butchers will use part of the primal meat cuts to make chicken bacon so that you can feel safe about the quality of chicken bacon sold in this place.

2. Grocery store or supermarket

In most grocery stores or supermarkets throughout the country, especially in a large one like Walmart or Costco, you can find some packages of chicken bacon next to other kinds of processed meat products, either fresh or frozen, cooked or uncooked.

Choose the one that you prefer to make sure that it will always satisfy your taste buds.

3. Online

Chicken bacon can also be found online like other kinds of bacon.

Thanks to the curing process, this food item has a longer shelf life so that it is safe while transportation.

 If you’re not sure about how a product tastes before buying it, read customer reviews so that you won’t end up wasting their money on something bad.

Knowing which products have been tried and reviewed by others should help make decisions faster and more accurate too!


After reading this article, you should have a new appreciation for chicken bacon.

We hope our information about this food item has helped give you an idea of how healthy chicken bacon is and where to buy it so that everyone in your family can enjoy delicious food whenever they want without sacrificing their health.

Good luck with your choice!

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