Where To Buy Campbells Pork And Beans Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

In a world of processed foods, it can be hard to find the staples we need to survive.

Campbell’s Pork and Beans is one of the most popular canned goods in America.

This blog post will not only help you understand more about this old American favorite but also locate where you can purchase Campbell’s Pork and Beans.

What is Campbell’s Pork and Beans?

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First, we need to know that Campbell Soup Company has been one of the most famous brands in the United States with a rich history.

They have been for generations a leading producer of canned food.

Pork and Beans are one of the staple products of this company and have become popular in any American home for over 100 years.

As the name implies, Pork and Beans is a dish that contains two main ingredients: pork and beans.

Beans are rehydrated and packed in tomato sauce.

They are cooked with very little rendered or salt pork, pork stock, and other spices such as brown sugar, molasses, onions, salt, and incorporate starch until the whole dish reaches a thick consistency.

Campbell’s Pork and Beans can be eaten as an entrée on its own or served as a side dish to cornbread for breakfast.

How many calories are in Campbell’s Pork and Beans?

This classic is medium in calories.

A can of Campbell’s Pork and Beans comes in different sizes.

However, in general, the serving size of Pork and Beans which is about 0.5 cups (or 130 grams) will provide 130 to 140 calories, including 10 calories from fat.

You can choose between 11-ounce cans (equivalent to 2.5 servings) or 19.75-ounce cans (equivalent to about 4.5 servings).

That means you won’t want to eat the whole can of Campbell’s Pork and Beans at one time because it will be a bit high in calories.

Pork can Beans consist of a generous amount of beans and tomato, which is a rich source of fiber and vitamins for our body’s needs.

This dish will decrease the risk of chronic diseases like cancer or cardiovascular diseases.

However, since every canned food is packed with sodium and additives, it shouldn’t be consumed every day though.

How to choose the best Campbell’s Pork and Beans?

Campbell is a reliable brand that has existed for centuries.

Therefore, it is not hard to choose the best cans of Campbell’s Pork and Beans on the market.

However, the quality of this product is not only from the manufacturer but also based on how it is transported and stored before reaching consumers.

So here are some things you should consider when shopping for this old-fashioned canned food.

1. Choose the can without any damage (dent, bruise, or leak)

When it comes to choosing canned products, including Campbell’s Pork and Beans, the key is to avoid containers that have a sign of damage.

Therefore, you should never buy Pork and Beans that are contained in a dented, bruised, or leaked can.

These identifications on the can might affect the quality of the content inside.

2. Check the expiration or best by date on the label

The second thing to look at is the expiration date, or sometimes as best by date on the label of the package.

Even if there is no problem with the can, the product might be on the shelf although it is expired.

Notify the salesman once you figure out this situation.

3. The best Pork and Beans should smell and taste good

Before cooking, don’t forget to give it a smell and taste to make sure everything is alright.

The Pork and Beans shouldn’t be watery or too thick, but if the smell and taste are perfect, you can fix the consistency anyway, with other ingredients in your kitchen.

Where to buy Campbell’s Pork and Beans?

There is no reason why this favorite classic is not sold in any place throughout the country.

But if you don’t know, here is where you can purchase Campbell’s Pork and Beans without any trouble.

1. Grocery store or supermarket

In the canned goods section of any grocery store or supermarket nationwide, you can find Campbell’s products, including their Pork and Beans.

If you don’t see them, it might be that this product is out of stock, so ask the salesman when it is available again.

2. Online

You can easily find Campbell’s Pork and Beans available on any online selling platforms, from local supermarkets to the big ones, and on international websites like Amazon or eBay.

One problem with this shopping method is the cans might be dented during transportation, so give it a better check when the package comes in your front door.


The popularity of this old American favorite is widespread and it’s not difficult to find.

Whether you want them from the grocery store, Walmart, Amazon, or Sam’s Club, there are plenty of places that offer Campbell’s Pork and Beans for sale online.

If your local stores don’t carry them in stock though (or if they’re out), ask one of their employees! They can order a case for you at any time.

No matter where you are going to buy Campbell’s Pork and Beans, remember to check its quality before shopping, or cooking.

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